Announcing our Efficiency Bundle!: Intuitive Stock Entry and Vehicle Advertising copy in Seconds!

We believe in the power of listening. It's through your valuable feedback that we realized a Dealer Management System (DMS) should be more than just another tool—it should be your efficient co-pilot in business.

With immense pride, we introduce our Efficiency Bundle. By simply using a registration number, stock entries and advert copy can now be accomplished in mere seconds. The days of spending 10+ minutes are history! With just a registration number all of your vehicles details including engine number and registration expiry are auto-populated meaning your new asset is advertiser ready in just a click!

Oh and as a gift, we are paying for the first 10 entries of every month. Enjoy the simplicity and time saving on us!

Save time


Inputting just 15 cars per month? You're set to save nearly an hour!
Think about the efficiencies with higher volumes.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency:

Our feature doesn't just save time. By minimizing human errors, we reduce the cascading costs and disruptions they can cause downstream.

Pioneering Approach

A Pioneering Approach:

At the heart of our brand lies the promise: "software so simple, it's easy." This enhancement is a testament to our commitment to innovation, ensuring you can focus more on growing your business.

Tier ($) Number of Calls
$49 15
$99 39
$149 64
$199 90
Unlimited (91+) Unlimited