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What are Google Vehicle Listing Ads?

Google Vehicle Listing Ads are a powerful advertising tool allowing used car dealers to showcase their inventory and dealership information to nearby shoppers who are searching for a new or used car on Google.

When shoppers click an ad that shows one of your cars, they arrive on your vehicle listing page and will be shown all of the information for that vehicle, such as make, model, and price. They will also be shown all of the information for your local dealership.

Your new and used vehicles listings are automatically updated every day, meaning you don't have to spend hours creating individual ads for each vehicle.

Benefits of Google Vehicle Listing Ads

  • Promote your vehicle inventory: Let local shoppers know that your store has the cars they’re looking for, at the moment they search on Google.
  • Bring your dealership online: Use your dealerships website with Google VLAs as a robust, online, local store experience.
  • Highlight your dealerships pickup and delivery options directly on your inventory ads
        • Showcase which of your vehicles can be reserved and picked up within the same day or the next day.
        • Advertise vehicles which are currently available for delivery to the customer.

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