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Shop For Cars

Shop For Cars | Advertiser

A dealership-only marketplace that brings in large number of leads. The website is completely free for all our dealers.

Check out the new Vroom finance feature exclusive to Shop for Cars dealers you don't want to miss out on!

Google Ads

Google Ads | Advertising 

Powerful advertising tool allowing used car dealers to showcase their inventory and dealership information to nearby shoppers who are searching for a new car on Google.

Facebook AIA

Facebook AIA | Advertising

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are fully automated advertisements that are optimized for dealerships to serve ads to users who are in the market for a vehicle on Facebook.

Vroom Finance

Vroom | Finance

Exclusive to Shop for Cars, Vroom qualifies and pre-approves your customers directly with leading automotive lenders.

RV Boss

RV Boss | Advertiser

RV Boss offers Caravan Dealerships an innovative way to reach targeted markets and engage in rewarding digital advertising opportunities.

National Auto Network

National Auto Network | Advertiser

Their showroom is unlike anything you've ever seen before in our industry, offering Australia’s most affordable solution for Dealers to showcase their full range of stock online.

Currently offering 3 Months free to EasyCars Dealers

Only Trucks

Only Trucks

Is a simpler and smarter truck buying process. You can browse thousands of used truck listings throughout Australia from the comfort of your home. If you're looking to sell your own truck, you can list it on OnlyTrucks for a low one-time fee.

Offer: Free Advertising till Christmas 2022


Auto Force Reviews

Reviews play a massive role in over 95% of buying decisions, which is why reviews should be a top priority for dealerships today.