Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

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Facebook Aia
Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

What are Facebook Automotive
Inventory Ads?

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are fully automated advertisements that are optimized for dealerships to serve ads to users who are in the market for a vehicle on Facebook.

Facebook AIAs use your vehicle listings, Facebook data, and website data to show ads to specific in-market shoppers within a radius of your dealership.

Compared to Facebook Marketplace, Facebook AIAs are dynamic. This means that they are always running and always stay up to date with your stock and will show your inventory to users looking for similar vehicles across the whole Facebook ecosystem.

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Facebook AIAs produce the best results
for car dealerships today

In just one month, EasyCars car dealers  have received:

  • Over 1000 leads across the board
  • 107 leads for the top performer
  • $3.19 average cost per lead

Put your dealership miles ahead of the competition with Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads from EasyCars.

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