Ready to Buy Customers delivered directly to your Dealership!

Car finance made easy

Through our Partnership with Vroom, Car Buyers can now qualify, apply, and receive car finance from over 60 different leading lenders in as little as 5 minutes!

Using the Vroom Widget, customers can apply for finance directly on your individual vehicle listing. In a few short minutes, the customer can submit their application and choose the best rate on offer from over 60 different lenders.

Once a customer is approved, the qualified and ready to buy lead will be sent directly to your inbox! All you need to do is work through the price and upload your invoice!

What makes this so beneficial for both the customer and your dealership is you can receive money in the bank in as little as an hour!

What are the Benefits of Using the Vroom Widget?

How it works on Shop for Cars

Find your vehicle - Car Finance1. Find your vehicle
Submit your details - Car Finance2. Submit your details
Pick your loan - Car Finance3. Pick your loan
Instant pre approval finance4. Instant Pre-approval

EasyCars Website Integration

If you have an EasyCars Dealer Website, the Vroom Finance Widget can be added to each of your vehicle listings. When a prospect is searching for one of your cars and they need finance, the widget will connect them to the largest pool of lenders to choose from in the fastest possible time.

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