3 Costly Mistakes Caravan Dealers Make Online... Do You?

26 Feb 2019


With 81% of buyers researching online before a purchase, an Internet presence has never been more important. We’re going to show you why you need to upgrade your overall internet presence to gain lots more sales –

#1 – “Thinking Professional Websites are Too Time Consuming And Expensive”

Caravan Website

FACT – According to a Telstra study, 48% of Australian customers won’t consider buying from a business without a website.

The reality is, customers today visit just 2 dealerships on average before purchasing compared to 5 only 10 years ago.

If they have all the information they need on your website, they are far more likely to walk into your dealership and purchase from you. The initial sale has already been made by your website.

Working with a professional team means you don’t have to spend too much time yourself and your website can be up and running in just a few weeks without costing you a fortune.

#2 – “Thinking A Website Doesn’t Add Credibility Because Their Customers Are Rarely Online”

Caravan Mobile Website

FACT - Today nearly every age group does research online. A study reveals that at least 69% of 65+ customers do some Internet research before purchasing a product.

The reality is, customers are almost always online and do research at any time of the day or night. There is also an increasing trend of buyers looking for information directly from the seller.

A professional website allows your customers to find you at all times - 24/7. This gives customers as much information as they want while researching and adds more credibility to your dealership. A customer who is more confident in a dealership’s credibility is more likely to purchase from them.

#3 – “Thinking A Website Isn’t Necessary Because They Only Need To Place Ads On Advertiser Sites”

Caravan Advertiser

FACT - 60% of customers begin on a search engine before ending up at a specific website with 88% finally purchasing in store.

The reality is, third-party advertiser sites display ads from multiple dealers. This means your caravan ad is part of thousands online and doesn’t properly stand out to your customers.

A professionally built website allows you to display all your inventory to customers who start researching caravans. They will be able to spend more time comparing different caravans without having to leave your website – significantly increasing your chance of making the sale.

To conclude,

A professional website provides enough info to convince customers to buy from you before they enter your dealership. Websites Made Easy will customise a website to your needs and budget with a seamless integration to EasyCars. Everything is auto synced so there’s no need for manual inputs.