3 Shocking Costs Of Manual Paperwork On Your Truck Dealership - And how you can save...

30 Aug 2019 Truck Dealers

Do you still use paper-based sales contracts and compliance forms for your truck dealership? Do you file paperwork in a storage cabinet? Have you ever lost a government compliance form? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, read on. These dealership paperwork costs may surprise you. Some practical solutions can solve them.

#1 – Businesses spend up to 3 percent of revenue on paper

Manual paperwork

Industry research firm Gartner estimates that businesses spend up to 3 percent of their revenue on paperwork, filing, printing and storing. If you manually create and print sales contracts, government forms and BAS statements for your dealership, you could end up losing significant sums of money.

An automated system eliminates the huge costs of printing, filing and storage to make your dealership more profitable.

#2 – Employees spend up to 30 percent of their time looking for paperwork

Truck dealer filing paperwork

Data shows employees spend 30 percent of their time on average to find business documents. A salesperson in Australia earns an average of nearly $70,000 annually. If 30 percent of their time is spent looking for paperwork, you could be spending $21,000 in lost productivity.

Automating paperwork saves this time, which means no lost productivity. Turn the focus back to more important tasks, like getting more leads and closing more sales.

#3 – Businesses waste thousands of dollars in non-compliance fines

Government Compliance

Human error or loss of dealership paperwork like police and dealings books, forms and sales contracts can cost heaps in non-compliance fines. For example, dealers in QLD who fail to safely keep a copy of their cooling-off period and statutory warranty form (Form 12) for a sale will be fined up to $13,345.

An automated system updates forms and stores them safely, so you're always compliant with state and national laws. No more non-compliance fines!

In conclusion,

If these costs have surprised you, it may be time to look for an easy solution. EasyCars is a simple and affordable online truck dealer management system with the most trusted technology today. Automating everything from stock management and invoicing to accounting, servicing and finance, you’ll have all the tools you need to run your dealership successfully at the click of a button.

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