3 Tips to Make Your Online Ads Stand Out

26 Apr 2019 Latest Updates EasyCars Modules

The way people buy cars today is so different from before. The Internet has a lot of information for buyers to research before visiting a yard. This means they visit only 2 yards on average before buying a car. Your online advertising is now your most important salesperson. Have you adjusted your sales process to attract more prospects to your yard? We’ve put together some simple tips to help your online ads stand out – it's so easy!

Offer Customers Free Access to Car History Reports

Car History Report

With so much competition, it can be hard to get buyers to trust your dealership. A good way to build confidence is to offer free access to a car history report for each listing. Car history reports contain vital information about a vehicle. This allows the buyer to make an informed decision without being forced to pay for a report. Easy access to car history reports also shows how transparent you are. A small $10 investment (per report) makes your ad more appealing and can significantly increase your incoming leads.

Add High-Quality Photos

Car Quality photo

Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why photos can bring twice the number of visitors to your ad. Good quality photos make it easy for prospects to picture themselves in the car. It also builds more trust in your dealership because there won’t be any surprises visually. Make sure your photos are clear enough to accurately show what the vehicle looks like. This can help you make the sale even before the buyer walks into your yard.

Customise Your Vehicle Lists

As a dealer, you know some cars work better on certain marketplaces compared to others. You don’t want to send your inventory to all advertisers because you won’t get the best value. The best way to make your ads more effective is to customise descriptions and vehicle lists to different advertisers. This means only the most relevant targets are reading your ads.

What if you could do all of this and more at the click of a few buttons?

With the EasyAd feature from EasyCars, you’ll be able to integrate car history reports; take photos and sync to individual vehicles; and customise your vehicle lists to different advertisers. Stand out from competition with EasyAd.