3 Vital Online Tips To Sell To Today’s Caravan Buyer

13 Feb 2019


Data from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia revealed that a total of 679,378 caravans were registered in 2018, showing that the industry continues to grow.

And with nearly 82% of smartphone users today consulting the web before purchasing in-store, caravan dealerships need to re-think how they sell especially if they want to meet the surge in demand from both grey nomads and surprisingly younger buyers.

Get A Professional Website

Surprisingly, many caravan dealers don’t feel the need to have a website. But with buyers spending more time doing online research, a professional website helps customers find all the information they need and makes a dealership more credible. You can do so much with your website to win over today’s caravan buyer -

  • Add images and videos of your inventory to help buyers make the right decisions.
  • Integrate Google maps with your website so buyers can easily find your dealership.
  • Share vital business information instantly to prospective buyers when they search for caravans on Google.
  • Automatically update inventory so buyers can only see what is available.

Caravan Dealer Website

Reach The Right Advertisers Instantly

The last thing you want is to waste time manually reaching out to each advertiser to promote your caravans for sale when you need to focus on convincing prospective customers to buy from you. You should be able  to reach advertisers instantly using the right tools to help you - 

Caravan dealer advertisers

  • Reach out to multiple advertisers at the same time without doing too much.
  • Schedule and customise vehicle feed for each advertiser on any device.

Include Strong Caravan Visuals To Support Your Online Ads

You already know that a majority of your buyers are online, but did you also know that the average person processes visual content 60,000 times quicker than text. A study by Brain Rules reveals that people retain 65% of information after three days when an image is included compared to just 10% when they read it.

  • Capture unique selling point caravan features through images.
  • Upload images directly to your website through your phone for added convenience. 

Caravan photos

To conclude,

An online presence has never been more important for caravan dealers than it is today. EasyCars dealer management system can help you integrate your advertising, website and photography under a single business system – designed to keep it simple and straightforward, so you can focus on your dealership.