4 Important Tips To Get Your Caravans Noticed Online

23 Sep 2019 Caravan Dealers Helpful Tips

Data shows 81 percent of buyers research the Internet before making a purchase. This opens a huge opportunity for you. If you find yourself struggling to get your caravans noticed online, you may want to read these tips to help you generate more leads and close more sales.

Use A Clean and Consistent Background

Caravan Dealer Photos

A clean and clutter-free backdrop gives emphasis to your caravan without distracting the buyer. You can even add your logo to the image to create more awareness for your dealership.

Another good way to get a clean shot is to photograph caravans on overcast days or before the sun rises to eliminate the shadows that come from direct sunlight.

A good photo app that syncs to your Caravan Dealer Management System lets you shoot and upload caravan images instantly with your logo, making your caravan dealership look more professional and saving you so much time.

Capture Important Caravan Features In Images And Videos

Caravan Kitchenette

Even if you list down caravan features in your text description, visuals make a much bigger impact. This includes both images and 360-degree videos.

Customers want more than just interior and exterior shots. They want to see your caravan in detail. This includes important features like awnings, seating, stove, kitchen, storage, bed, shower, toilet, microwave, fridge, oven and anything else worth highlighting. The more, the better.

Most people today prefer to have all information available online instead of ringing a dealership. Focus on close-up images and videos of these important features, so customers know exactly what to expect.

Shoot Images For Mobile Viewing

Caravan Mobile

72% of customers do research on their smartphones before deciding to buy. This means images on advertisers and your website should be easy to view on a mobile. You can optimise images for mobiles by reducing file sizes, so they load faster and consume less data.

A good photo app can help you shoot the best caravan images for mobile devices.

Get Your Caravans Online Quicker

Caravan Advertising

When you compete with thousands of other dealers in a challenging sales environment, speed can make a difference. Get your caravans on your website and other advertising sites quickly to get more prospects interested in your dealership.

An automated photo app that links your DMS to multiple online advertisers and your website can make this happen in an instant – letting you highlight your caravans without wasting valuable time.

To sum up,

Get your caravans noticed online with EasyCars, the online dealer management system that simplifies and automates every aspect of your dealership, including advertising. EasyCars also offers a powerful photo app that lets you click and upload quality images to different advertisers and your website instantly.