5 Effective Tips to Advertise your Vehicle Online

28 Aug 2019 Car Dealers Helpful Tips Advertising

By the time the buyer is ready to view the vehicle in a dealership, the selection process is almost complete. Buyers research makes, models and price first. Once they have a few vehicles on their list, they will check out the seller to ensure they are trustworthy and provide good service. Google reviews and Facebook reviews are becoming a good source of comfort to buyers. More often than not this is the exact process most buyers go through. We estimate 60% of the decision making is done online. How important does this make your online presence?

1. Advertise more to reach out to more buyers!

Studies show that busy buyers today visit only two dealerships before they buy a vehicle because they complete most of their research online. The more you advertise your vehicle, the better chance you have of buyers finding it. This increases your opportunity to make the sale. Advertising on multiple sites helps you maximise visibility.

Our stats show the top lead generating platforms for car dealers today are –

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Car Sales
  • Gumtree
  • And finally, your website!

Top car advertisers

You can also take advantage of free advertisers provided by your dealer management system. Ask about them today.

2. Generate greater interest in your ad with valuable features for free

Buyers love a little something for nothing especially when it adds heaps of value to their buying process. Generate greater interest in your ad with these valuable, free features –

  1. A free Car History Report makes your dealership look more transparent and trustworthy.
  2. Finance repayment tool provides buyers with instant repayment amounts to assist with quicker decisions.
  3. Car Valuation tool provides the buyer a fast, instant, estimate of their vehicle. 

Provide buyers with everything they need to know about the vehicle, so they don’t look elsewhere.

Car finance

3. Customise your ads to attract more buyers

If you want to attract more buyers, your online ads must look and sound tempting. Here are some ways –

  1. High-quality vehicle images draw interest in your ad because they help buyers relate better to the vehicle.

  2. Add your business logo and borders to make your vehicle and dealership stand out.

  3. Customise ad descriptions for different advertisers to target only the most relevant prospects and increase your chance of making the sale. Buyers often look for these details –

    • Low KMs
    • Age and condition
    • Financing
    • Car History
    • Warranty
    • Transport
    • Trade-ins
    • Dealership location
    • Trading hours

4. Eliminate spelling mistakes with Glass's/Redbook data

Spelling mistakes can make it hard for buyers to find your vehicles. Avoid these costly mistakes by having Glasses and Redbook data included for accurate ad info.

Without Glass's/Redbook Data

Glass's / Redbook vehicle data

With Glass's/Redbook Data

With Glass's / Redbook vehicle data

5. Automate advertising to avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks

Manually advertising vehicles to individual marketplaces is time-consuming. Your dealer inventory software system should automate the process, so can schedule ads to multiple advertisers in a few clicks. Focus your attention on better-nurturing leads and increasing sales.

Your automotive inventory software must support your online advertising. EasyCars brings you EasyAd, the simplest and fastest online advertising module that can be managed from anywhere, on any device and connects you to over 30 advertisers. Contact us today at 1300 473 744 for a free demo. It’s so easy!