5 problems with your dealer website that could be costing you thousands.

08 Oct 2020 Helpful Tips Car Dealers caravan dealers

Selling cars has changed dramatically in the past year. Customers are now researching and shopping online for their next vehicle instead of attending the dealership. An online dealer website is now incredibly important for all dealers trying to stay competitive. Websites are the key tool for dealers to reach the ever-growing online customer base, however dealers who already have a website could have certain problems that could potentially be costing you thousands.

Here are some of the most common issues that could be impacting your sales.

Website is not mobile friendly:

The landscape of shopping has changed, data shows that 40.1% of website searches and online shopping comes from mobile devices. Dealers who do not have a mobile friendly website set up could be cutting themselves off to over 40% of the online market. Online customer attention span is extremely limited, having an error or even not being able to open your dealer website could force your potential lead into the hands of other competitors.

Your dealership website is the complete online showroom of all your stock to the online market. Dealers must ensure their website is mobile device friendly to give all potential customers accessibility. A non-mobile friendly website will also impact on your google website ranking, which means your website will be extremely hard for leads to locate.

Mobile friendly website

Limited or hard to find contact options:

Leads and customers must have an easy and quickly identifiable way to contact you about any of your stock. Having no or a difficult to find contact form significantly increases the chance of customers bouncing from your website and going to another online source for their next car.

A good example of contact form positions should be either on the right-hand side of every page, the home page and on every car stock you have displayed on your website. An easy to identify contact form will give customers the ability to quickly enquire about your stock on the spot at any time.

Website contact details

Poor quality stock listings:

Customers look for as much information as possible when wanting to buy a product. Buying their dream vehicle is no different, customers want as much information as possible so they can strategically plan if the vehicle is best fit for them.

The listings on your website should be as user friendly as possible. This includes, high quality images of the vehicle, all details about the car and most importantly the price. Not having this on your listings could significantly impact on your engagement with online customers. Online customers have an extremely limited attention span this means that they must quickly identify if this vehicle is right for them. High-quality stock listings could greatly enhance your online presence and speed up your sales process.

High quality car listing

Ineffective design:

The look and design of your website is so important. Customers should quickly know how to get to the particular section of your website that they are looking for and most importantly as fast as possible. Users who spend significant time trying to find information will leave the website without enquiring, this is so important for dealers.

On the homepage of your website you should clearly list the sections where customers can find what they want, for example an about you page, current stock page, finance page and contact page. Failing to have a user-friendly website design will greatly impact on your leads and sales and most importantly turn potential customers over to your competitors.

User friendly car dealer website

Hard to read content:

One of the most experienced issues with dealer websites is with the readability of the content. Having the wrong font colour, background image or font size can severely impact on any potential leads. When someone visits your website, they should be able to easily read and operate your website.

Font that does not stand out or is too bright can result in users leaving your website. Your font size should be at a readable size in both computer view and mobile view. We suggest trialling your website on different people at your dealership and if they find it hard to read to content you should make a change.

Where EasyCars can help:

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