5 qualities of highly successful motor dealers

01 Apr 2021 Helpful Tips

Highly successful motor dealers have a lot of qualities in common. They are confident, motivated and sales driven. They are open to new ideas and look for the latest trends to capture car buyer attention. In this blog post we will examine the 5 key qualities of highly successful motor dealers.

How do these qualities match up to your own?

1. Passion and Motivation

The first and most important quality of a highly successful motor dealer is passion and motivation.

No motor dealer can generate excess sales if they do not have the passion and motivation for what they are selling. Successful motor dealers have an outcome they want to achieve whether it be sales, leads or anything in-between and it is the passion that they have for their stock and their dealership that motivates them to achieve this.

2. Goal Driven

Research shows that setting strong goals increases workplace efficiency and revenue.

Highly successful motor dealers set and chase goals that they want their dealership to achieve. They assign certain business-related goals to team members to achieve and relentlessly push for them to achieve them. Being goal driven gives the entire dealership team a cut and clear picture of what is expected of them, where they want them to be and what it is that they should strive for.

3. Seeks greater opportunities

This quality is so important, they way you sell cars today may not be the same way you sell cars tomorrow, 2020 underlined that point.

Successful motor dealers always look for new and innovative ways to sell their cars to customers. For example, they will research new advertisers, free online classifieds and the latest social media platforms such as Facebook and Tiktok. Researching where your customers are and putting a plan in place for how you are going to capture them is one of the most important qualities for continued success in the car selling industry.

Manages by the numbers

One of the most common processes in the motor sales industry is dealers deciding their next move by their “gut” feelings. This can potentially financially impact on your dealership and could be avoided by simply managing by data collected.

Successful dealers manage their dealership by the numbers available in their reporting. They analyse the data, identify key opportunities for growth and quickly act on the negatives with the dealership.

Holds regular team meetings

This one seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many dealerships fail to hold regular meetings with their staff.

Highly successful dealers hold regular meetings with all staff in the business, so they are aware of the direction of the dealership, what they are expected to achieve and how they are tracking meeting their expectations.

In conclusion, no two motor dealers are the same. The way dealers operate changes from person to person but for successful dealerships the main qualities remain. Being a passionate and motivated dealer who understands the market with a set mindset of what they want to achieve is the main qualities all successful motor dealers have.

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