5 Tips for Selling Cars In The Post Covid World

18 Sep 2020 Helpful Tips Car Dealers Advertising

Car sales are down across Australia. However, customers are still looking for their dream vehicle but there are a few concerns they have when deciding to purchase.

Here are 5 tips for selling your new car in today’s environment:

Tip 1: Strategic advertising

Customers are now researching online more than ever. A key component for selling your stocks online presence.

Here is how to maximise your online presence:

  • Dealership website: For customers to view and enquire about your stock.
  • Social Media presence: Social media is the largest hotspot for traffic on the web. This gives you the largest online community linked with personal messaging services so you can respond to leads on the spot.
  • Online advertising: Through online car sales websites such as Gumtree, Carsales and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Quality of advertisement: This includes accurate information, high quality photos and customer engagement.

Tip 2: Customer engagement

Customers want to know all the details before talking to anyone about purchasing a car. Make sure you are providing all vehicle details online. 

Here are a few examples of creating the best customer engagement:

    • Fast response to leads: Customer patience is constantly declining, when a lead comes through a great way to help the customer feel important is to respond to them as fast as possible. Same hour is a must!
    • Cater to the customers needs: Listen to the customers needs and any questions or concerns they may have, whether it be price point, colour, add on features etc. See how you can cater to them.
    • Flexibility: Customers are always looking for a bargain, a good tip is to be flexible with what the customer may need. 

Tip 3: Competitive Pricing

Cars are constantly for sale, there is no shortage of demand for Australian consumers. The key deciding factor for customers when purchasing a new car is the price. Flexible and competitive pricing is a must!

Cars that are priced so far away or listed with no price automatically pushes customers to your competition. We recommend closely monitoring your key competitors, deals they are giving and how you can somehow match them.

Tip 4: Research:

Customer preferences are constantly changing, a car that is selling today is not guaranteed to sell tomorrow. Research the current market trends, this includes keeping up to date with the newest features available, colours, models etc. Find out what your customer may want to buy in 3 – 6 months’ time, not what they were buying earlier in the year.

Tip 5: Honesty:

Honesty costs nothing. Customers want to know everything they are told is correct and accurate. When buying new cars customers are not loyal. If the customer suspects they are hearing false or inaccurate information they will just move on to the competition.

Honest information that are a must:

Price: Be honest with the price, do not hide costs. This infuriates buyers the most. Be honest with what the best you can do and see how you can satisfy the customer.

Car information: Be honest with all details of the car and any documentation.

To conclude, selling cars in Australia is always going to be a challenge. However, that does not mean customers are not looking to purchase their dream vehicle, with the tips above we believe this will help you maximise your results and increase profitability.