5 Tips To Turn An Online Lead Into A Sale

23 May 2019 Helpful Tips

5 Tips To Turn An OnlineLead Into A Sale

92% of car buyers research online before buying. You need to turn these online leads into sales for your dealership.

Respond Quickly to Customer Queries Online

Respond Quickly to Customer Queries Online

Car buyers may use the Internet to contact different dealerships as part of their research. You must be able to address these queries quickly to get ahead of your competition. This is because 78% of buyers tend to purchase from the first seller to respond. Monitor and respond to online customer queries quickly to double your chances of sales conversions.

Online Information is Accurate

Make Sure Your Online Information is Accurate

Every site hosting your dealership’s contact and hours of operation information should be accurate and up-to-date. This allows customers to contact you easily without getting frustrated. Check for any inaccuracy as this could make it hard for genuine buyers to contact you.

Get a Website

Get a Website

At least 71% of buyers will visit a dealer’s website before purchasing a car. An informative website with transparent information, pricing and images will help to build trust and credibility with your customers. Apart from detailed information, the website should be user-friendly and visually pleasing. A professionally developed website can do all of this and more to help you attract more online leads to your dealership.

Get Reviewed Online

Get Reviewed Online

Nearly 84% of buyers trust online reviews as much as friends and family. For this reason, you’ll want as many reviews as possible on Google, Facebook, social media and review sites. When you make a sale, ask for online reviews so others read about positive customer experiences at your dealership. This can significantly increase your incoming leads and sales.

Track and Measure Leads

Track and Measure Leads for Better Outcomes

It’s important to track leads and conversions to help you measure channels that work better for you than others. You can use these valuable lead insights to spend money with the advertisers that bring you high-quality leads.

Dealerships today don’t get as much facetime with buyers as before so your online presence must be convincing enough. With specialised modules like lead management, Facebook Marketplace and website development, EasyCars offers the most comprehensive dealership management system in the market today. Find out how we can help you turn online leads into sales.