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25 Jul 2018 Success Stories


"My business partner Jason and I started a new age car dealership in Queensland called BOTS Auto in 2017. We knew we needed a simple yet powerful Dealer Management System that we could access from anywhere on any device. We wanted it to help us manage our Government compliance, stock, and advertising.

Jason had used Dealer Logic for years at his previous yards and had no real gripes, so we paid $2000 up front and the monthly subscription. We spent the next few months crazy busy building our business of buying and selling cars.

Over this period, I was getting increasingly frustrated with limitations and niggling nuisances with the Dealer Logic software. My background is in IT so my suspicion was that there was a better, newer solution than what we were using. I am an Apple man and our current solution tried to fit my choice but it just didn’t do it well.

I decided to check out what was on the market. Luckily enough, Tegan from EasyCars (Jeal’s QLD Territory Manager) visited our yard and gave us a demonstration of the new web-based EasyCars. I could see very quickly that this software was uncluttered, easy, flexible and was a true web-based solution. I anticipated that integration with Motor Industry partners was far easier. It didn’t take long for me to be convinced that we had to make the change.

Jason however, was adamant that Dealer Logic served his needs, and the thought of changing and learning a new system was beyond daunting for him.

After much coaxing, Jason viewed a demonstration of EasyCars. Jason was also sold on the spot. We both decided to throw away the $2,000 we spent with Dealer Logic and signed up to EasyCars web – after all, there’s no lock-in contract.

I was ecstatic that EasyCars worked seamlessly on my Apple devices - iPhone, iPad and Mac Computer. We love the simplicity of taking photos and have them automatically appear on our advertising screen. I love how easy data entry is, even with my dyslexia. Invoicing is a breeze and I never have to worry about Government compliance now. It’s lightning fast and it considers all the various advertiser's individual rules.

I also purchased our website through EasyCars so we could have our vehicles automatically listed on the website. Only a week ago we had the Car Valuation feature added to the website, this has already brought us 3 leads so far, so we’re super stoked to have tools that work and offered free.

Probably the biggest bonus for us is that it integrates with Xero. Our accountant was already an experienced Xero user, so no training was needed at all. It’s always painful to get locked into one accountant because they have invested so much time in learning custom accounting packages. Xero keeps up with the latest accounting and banking features like automatic bank reconciliation and photo receipting and there is very little need to reinvent the wheel.

EasyCars is more than just a dealer management system it’s streamlined our dealership and I couldn’t be any happier with our change. I am so happy with how EasyCars has helped our business that I have told Jeal I am willing to back this with a phone call. Feel free to call me on 1800 00 BOTS."

Peter from BOTS Auto Motor Dealership
BOTS Auto Motor Dealership

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