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15 Jan 2021 Helpful Tips Car Dealers caravan dealers

Happy New Year! We wish you every success in 2021 and beyond.

You may recall our biggest addition in 2020 was building the Shop for Cars website for EasyCars dealers to advertise their vehicles online – COMPLETELY FREE. It was created to give our dealers genuine leads without having to pay thousands of dollars in advertising fees.

Since Shop for Cars was launched in May, there has been a 10% increase in leads month on month. Some dealers reported up to 20 hot leads in a single month. This is possible because of our extensive advertising on Facebook, Google, and Instagram, averaging 1,000 clicks every week from prospects.

We understand more leads for free is great but we understand many of you are frustrated at the lack of used car stock available in the market... so, we introduced a Sell My Car feature on Shop for Cars in December.

What is ‘Sell My Car’?

'Sell My Car' offers the general public a way to sell their car quickly. Many sites already offer this solution but ours is a bit unique. We give the vehicle and sellers information to three dealers to make an offer on the car. Hopefully one of our dealers will purchase the car making buyer and seller happy.

We advertise “Sell my Car” via Facebook, Google, and Instagram to the public. In just one month, we have already received a large volume of leads from people interested in selling their cars. It is already working well for a few dealers.

We now need to simplify the way we give you these leads and would like to shortlist dealers who want to bid for these cars.

If you are interested in being on our shortlist, please fill in the form below with your contact details.

There is absolutely no obligation and no cost for using Shop for Cars and the ‘Sell My Car’ feature for our dealers. We hope it brings you more leads and sales. The plan is to automate this whole process in the near future but for now we will manually handle the transactions so we can keep improving the results.

As always, we welcome any feedback to make Shop for Cars more relevant and valuable to our dealers. Feel free to contact us on (02) 9623 6403 or for a chat.

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