Introducing CarSwap $1 Qualified Leads

11 Jul 2018 Advertising

CarSwap is an app-based automotive classified; with the largest, most engaging social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With over 250,000 qualified leads to date and for only $1 per qualified lead, it's worth giving them a shot.

Save Money

  • CarSwap charges $1 per offer over 70% asking price (other rates also available)
  • CarSwap does not charge for lowball or time-wasting offers below your reserve price

Save Time

  • CarSwap automatically negotiates with users until they reach your reserve price
  • CarSwap helps you focus on Qualified Offers and genuine buyers

Easy Signup

To join, simply click here to visit the EasyCars Dealer Signup page to take advantage of this special offer and we will automatically export your current inventory, no effort or setup required.

To discuss further, contact us or Vinnie at CarSwap (0432 600 788 or