How Metro Car Removal Took their Business to The Next Level

28 Aug 2018 Success Stories

Metro Car Removal Sydney

"There comes a point in every business where a need for change becomes necessary. As the business grows, the needs of the business change. Adapting to meet those needs is crucial, as failure to do so might lead to the business stagnating, with no room to grow. At Metro Car Removal, when we realised we needed to totally re-configure our inventory system to improve efficiency and to better meet the growing needs of our cash for car business, we did not hesitate. We quickly did some research to find out which was the most efficient and easy-to-use online management system – and came across EasyCars. So, in 2016 we took the plunge and signed up to EasyCars, and it has, without a doubt, been one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Better Inventory Management

The difference was immediate and statistically significant. The first thing we noticed was that inventory management was so much quicker and easier. We had everything at our fingertips and with just a few clicks, we could find out if a particular car was in stock or add a car to the stock, updating the inventory.

Quick Data Access

And how can we forget how much time it saved us on paperwork! One of the most tedious aspects of a cash for car business is filling up all those forms for the government. It is a time-consuming process that could affect productivity. With EasyCars, gathering data was no longer a concern. We didn’t have to frantically search multiple folders in our system, or shuffle through piles of paperwork to find what we want. Instead, we had all the relevant information in one place, consolidated for easy access. Made our lives so much easier, we have to say.

Easy Accessibility

Another aspect of the business that saw a marked improvement was accessibility. Since the system could be installed and used on multiple devices, it made it easier for us to access it at any time. So, if we needed to check the inventory while we were not at the yard, we could simply access it from our mobile phones. It was so much more convenient and made a world of difference to the day-to-day running of the business. It gave us, not just better accessibility, but better control over our stock as well.

In short, EasyCars has delivered what it promised and more. The fact that it’s very simple and straightforward to use was an added bonus, as it required very minimal training to get our employees up to speed on how to use the new system. EasyCars has helped us save time, effort and money by increasing efficiency, which in turn has improved productivity and led to a high volume of business for Metro Car Removal".

Iias from Metro Car Removal Sydney Metro Car Removal Sydney

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