Glenn’s Quality Cars – An Inspiring Success Story

17 Aug 2018 Success Stories

Glen's Quality Used Cars


Glenn’s Quality Cars is one of the most successful used car dealerships in Windsor and Sydney area. They have been in the car dealership business for over 20 years. When Glenn started his business, he wanted to do things differently. Having the experience of the family business, he understood that business owners in competitive businesses like car dealerships, need to stay a step ahead. He knew the world was moving towards a digital era and he needed to move with it. What works today might not work tomorrow and he wanted to leverage the next gen technology to bring in more business in the future. With that in mind, he started researching dealer management system providers. That’s when he came across the EasyCars Dealer Management Software.

The Solution

Glenn leveraged EasyCars to get a complete dealer management solution to manage his dealership effectively and effortlessly. He wanted to reduce the time spent in various activities, stay on top of things all the time and get more enquiries. Not only does he use the EasyCars DMS Software to manage his yard stock, compliance forms, and advertising but he also has a mobile-friendly website to attract more leads.

He really loves the flexibility with which he can manage all his yard operations using EasyCars. His online dealer management system gives him anywhere, anytime access and reduces the time or effort required in compliance forms, advertising, accounting etc. Features like Redbook Data entry and EasyAds drastically reduces the time spent in entering the stock details and advertising new vehicles to all major platforms. EasyCars integrates with his accounting software Xero to reduce duplicate data entry. His responsive, lead generating website and FREE Car History Reports attract more visitors to his yard. The live chat option gives ready answers to his website visitors showing his commitment to customer service.

The Outcome

With his futuristic vision and great sales skills, Glenn has taken the business to new heights. EasyCars has been a constant companion in his success journey. He has experienced an increase in leads by 200% and the time wasted on activities like correcting data entry duplicity and errors has reduced by 98%. Overall Glenn’s Quality Cars has witnessed an ROI of 480%.  Having seen the value that EasyCars has provided him, he often recommends it to other car dealers.

Glenn’s Quality Cars and EasyCars have had more than a decade of successful partnership. With EasyCars, Glenn has seen a continuous increase in sales and productivity. You can visit his website on For more information on how you can generate leads online contact our team on 1300 473 744.