Go Paperless and Save Money with New Digital Signatures for Sales Contracts

08 Mar 2019 Latest Updates Helpful Tips


Sick of printing, scanning, filing and then later having to retrieve sales contracts? These costs are hard to justify without any real return.

But not anymore!

EasyCars Web now has digital signatures on Sales contracts to help you go paperless and give your dealership a more professional image.


Now you can store digital signatures without printing, scanning and filing papers; allow remote customer signatures to avoid multiple back and forth trips, and instantly retrieve stored contracts.

How Digital Signature Works in EasyCars

You must first insert your signature or sign at the time of sending a contract to your customer.

1. Login to your EasyCars using any device and click on your name at the top right. Then click ‘Your Profile’. You can modify your display name, change your phone number, set a new password and store your digital signature. You cannot change your email.

Digital Signature

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and use your phone stylus to sign in the space provided. Then click ‘save’. You can tap clear to restart but remember to hit save again for future use.

Digital Signature

3. The signature can then be inserted into any sales contract. Sending the contract can be done after creating a proposal or sale. After you create and enter the customer’s details into the contract, click the ‘sign contract’ button on the sale tab. If you have saved your signature, click ‘insert signature’ and then click ‘sign’. Then click ‘next’.

Digital Signature

4. Enter the customer’s email and write a message before hitting ‘send’. Your customer will receive an email with instructions for signing and downloading a copy of the contract.

Digital Signature

5. Once the customer signs, the contract will be automatically stored in the Documents page of the vehicle.

*No one else has access to your signature. If a user profile is disabled, the signature is removed.

When you spend more time selling cars instead of physically managing high-priced paper contracts, you’ll cut down wasted time and money. A win-win!

To get started login to your EasyCars. For more information contact our friendly team on 1300 473 744.