Government Payments in EasyCars

07 Sep 2020 Helpful Tips

The Government Payments screen allows you to record registration, transfer fees, CTP, stamp duty and luxury car tax (LCT) as having been paid to the relevant government body. It also lists previous payments made for these government charges.


  • This only applies if the government charges collected from the customer were listed as sale Extras with a 'Type' of Registration, CTP, Stamp Duty or LCT.

If Extras added at the time of creating the sale were of other Types - Normal, Dealer Delivery or Extended Warranty - they will not be listed in the Government Payments screen. To record payment for these extras, add an expense or purchase order in the normal manner.

Government extras 

  • Government charges relating to a sale are displayed in the 'Government Fees' section of the vehicle's 'Expenses' tab. You do not need to create a Purchase Order for these charges, as EasyCars has already picked them up from the sale.
    • If the fees have not yet been paid, you can click on Pay Fee to open the 'Government Payments' screen
    • If the vehicle is 'On Offer', this section indicates which government fees are included in the proposal
    • If the vehicle is 'Sold', this section indicates which government fees were included in the sale and whether or not they have been paid.
  • If you are linked to MYOB or Xero and have set a conversion date, Government Payments cannot be created for vehicles purchased prior to the conversion date.

To make a payment for government charges, you must have at least one 'Sold' vehicle that has sale extras with a Type of RegistrationCTPStamp Duty or LCT which have not yet been recorded as paid.

When a government charge is paid:

  • The payment appears in the List view in the Government Payments screen; click on a payment to see the details for that payment.
  • For each vehicle a payment refers to:
    • The payment is added to the 'Government Payments' section in the vehicle's Expenses tab; click on the link in the 'Bulk Government Payment #' column to view the payment details
    • The 'Extras' section in the vehicle's Sale tab will contain a link to the payment in the 'Government Payment #' column
  • Select  'Government Payments' from the Vehicles menu
  • If necessary, search for the payment in the Government Payments list view by entering information in the filter fields and clicking 'Search'
  • Click on the payment you wish to change or delete
  • Alternatively, click on the link to a government payment in a vehicle's Expenses or Sales tab to go directly to that payment
  • In the payment details screen:
    • To change the amount actually paid:
      • Click on 'Edit'
      • Make the required changes
      • Click 'Save Changes'
      • The changes will be reflected in the 'Government Payments' section of the vehicle's Expenses tab.
    • To delete the payment entirely:
      • Click on 'Cancel Payments'
      • Click 'OK' to confirm the deletion
      • The payment will be removed from the 'Government Payments' section of the vehicle's Expenses tab, and the link in the 'Extras' section in the Sale tab will be removed. 
  • If a payment has been synced with your accounting package, it will need to be unposted before changes can be made