A Comprehensive Guide To Establishing Trust And Winning Over Customers

20 Jun 2018

Establishing Trust And Winning Over Customers

Aussies Love their cars. Not only is it one of the largest investments they make, they are proud of the cars they drive. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. It’s very important that visitors feel safe buying from you especially now that they have so many choices online.

Convert website visitors to enquiries and then to customers by following these steps to create trust:

  1. Provide Information About the Car’s History: An informed buyer feels more confident in buying from you. Provide detailed descriptions on cars including a Car History Report. This report gives the most important historical points on the vehicle like; was it damaged or written off or was the odometer wound back. Offering this type of information without being prompted demonstrates your confidence in your cars. Empower your buyers with reliable information for peace of mind.

  2. Include Quality Photos: Car buyers are more inclined to be interested in cars which look visually appealing. Including quality photographs of listed cars from different angles is more likely to give comfort to its good condition. The more photos inside and out, the more comfortable the buyer is. These photos are not only visually engaging but they also show that you are transparent about the car’s condition.

  3. Use the Description Section: The description section is a great place to provide additional information. Interested viewers definitely read this section to get more details about the listed car. Make a good use of it by giving details like inspections, warranties, etc. Ensure that the comments are not vague or conflicting with images or other details.

  4. Add a Live Chat Option: Customers are more likely to make a decision if they can ask questions right when they are viewing a car. Investing in a live chat increases the chances of you getting a lead by establishing a personal connect with the person.

  5. Develop a Personal Brand: Invest in a good website. Your website is your first point of contact with a buyer. A good website should feel visually attractive, be mobile friendly and should be regularly updated. A good dealership software keeps your data updated in real time and reduces the chances of errors. With several sources of information, prospective car buyers are more informed than ever. They feel more confident when they can see real time data updated on the website and they are getting a good deal.

If you think you need more guidance to establish more trust with prospective buyers and increase enquiries and leads, just give us a call on 02 9623 6403. EasyCars has been helping car dealers with optimising their operations and increasing their sales for more than 3 decades. Our dealer solutions can be tailored to your business.