Have you tried these advertisers in your EasyAd?

20 Aug 2020 Advertising Helpful Tips Car Dealers Latest Updates


EasyCars introduces new advertisers regularly to help our dealers get more online exposure. Here are some new advertisers available in your EasyAd.

Sell Buy Auto

Sell Buy Auto is a new website for buying and selling cars. All listings include your contact information, address, and opening hours for complete transparency. To support our dealers during Covid, we’ve worked with them to extend their free offer until the end of October 2020.

Why you should advertise to Sell Buy Auto?

  • Dealership promotion
  • No 'Pay-per-lead' schemes
  • Free personalised landing page

To register, click here.

Car advertiser special promotion - Sell Buy Autos

Australian Car Network

Australian Car Network (AUCN) is the top Chinese-English bilingual car trading platform. It caters to the Australian Chinese market of about 1.5 million citizens and residents, along with more than 200,000 students arriving every year.

To register, click here.

Australian Car Network


CarSwap's LED VMS Billboard & Online App Advertising Combo have proven to boost sales. With their 'Best Price Guarantee' and '$0/lead' promotion for EasyCars dealers, now is the time to shift your dealership to virtual commerce! CarSwap's patented technology automatically advertises your EasyCars inventory on the billboard (no design or scheduling required), along with messages between cars.

The VMS LED sign will advertise all cars, attract foot traffic, and facilitate transactions via the CarSwap app. Each slide will advertise a car, with its price "on CarSwap". Viewers who are interested will either A) drive in and check it out, or B) go home and find that car on CarSwap.

For more details, contact Cyrus on 0447 09 09 09 or Kane on 0407 213 074

CarSwap advertising

Shop for Cars

Built by Jeal for our EasyCars dealers, Shop for Cars is a dealership-only marketplace that has already started bringing in a large number of leads through aggressive online advertising on Google and Facebook. The website is completely free for all our dealers.

For more details, visit Shop for Cars

Shop for Cars

If you want to start advertising on any of these websites, call us on (02) 9623 6403 or email info@jeal.com.au. You can also contact the advertisers directly for more information.