How Car History Can Give You More Sales

20 Jun 2018

Car Dealer Car History Report

Every Websites Made Easy website can get a Car History Report feature installed to be used by customers directly on your dealer website. One of the biggest concerns that buyers have with purchasing is the true history of a vehicle. Provide peace of mind to your new customers and utilise this feature for increased sales and lead generation for your business.

Car History provides a detailed record of the reported history of used motor vehicles that are registered in Australia. This includes a PPSR certificate to inform you and future buyers of significant information about a vehicle.


This report will indicate:

  • Existing finance on the vehicle
  • Any damage resulting in the car being ‘written off’ eg. weather damage, accident
  • Vehicle odometer reading is consistent with previous reports
  • Vehicle has been reported written off or stolen
  • Prior sale listings
  • Vehicle safety and emission ratings
  • Expected worth in the current market


When a buyer is viewing a vehicle on your website and chooses to extract a FREE Car History report, it will ask for their contact information. Once submitted, the customer will be emailed their report for FREE, and their details and the report will be stored for you in your database. These details then can be used as sales leads to convert to a sale.

Click here for an example and select a vehicle to see what it will look like on your website.

Click here to see a sample of the Car History Report.


Car History provides EasyCars dealers with the full report for only $10.65 +GST, while if you or your customers were to purchase the report directly from Car History it will cost $36.95. Only one report per vehicle is necessary, no matter how many requests from buyers are made. You will get a single monthly invoice from Veda and your customers will get these reports FREE.

If you would like more information on setting up your Websites Made Easy website and integrating Car History, please contact our friendly team on 02 9623 6403 or