How to create the perfect vehicle advertisement

02 Dec 2020 Helpful Tips

Studies show the average car takes 60 days to sell. EasyCars has put together the complete guide on how to create the perfect vehicle advertisement so that you can sell your cars quicker.


The description can make or break your advertisement. Failing to provide enough relevant information could impact on your advertisement's position on listing websites.

Data from shows show the more quality information you provide for your vehicle advertisement will determine how well your ad will perform.

For example, if you advertisement has very limited or no information your ad position will be downgraded, this makes it incredibly hard for mass audiences to find your listing.

EasyCars has put together a template of what should be covered in your advertisement

Description Template

Vehicle condition: A short description on the condition of the vehicle, inside and out. Be sure to mention any fine issues, failing to provide the condition of the vehicle could result in leads going cold.

Features of the car: List and describe all the special features of the vehicle. Be sure to highlight the most desired features first. For example, sunroof, power of vehicle, reverse camera, internal GPS etc. Having the best features at the top of the description will keep the audience engaged whilst scrolling through your advertisement.

Benefits of the car: Describe some of the benefits the car has. For example SUV's, you can talk about off road driving or camping. If the car has good petrol consumption mention this. Put yourself in the shoes of the intended buyer and talk about what you think they will want to hear.

Safety features The most important part of your advertisement is the safety features. Often advertisements avoid discussing safety, this could be a deal breaker. List all the safety features and the safety rating of the vehicle on your advertisement. Be sure to mention if the car was part of the recent Takata airbag recall. A few simple lines about the vehicle history can go a long way to building trust with the lead.

Financing: Mention any of the financing options you can provide to fasten the buying process for the lead. A few lines letting them know that you can provide financing can go a long way to keeping them interested. Most vehicle advertisements fail to disclose any financing deals they have. This is a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition.

About your dealership: Personalise your ad to the reader. Let them know who you are and why they should buy a car from you. A short sentence about your dealership, your location and what you have done in the past can build trust with the reader.

Quality of images

There are a few image requirements you will need to have to maximise your vehicle advertisement and receive the best positioning online. All car advertising sites have a minimum photo quality that they require to list on their website.

You do not need a professional photographer to create the best images for your advertisement. All photos can be taken from a regular phone, camera, or tablet device.

EasyCars has put together a breakdown on how you can take the best photo without the need of a photographer.


Ensure your car is lit properly. Avoid dark locations such as garages or photos at night. Dark photos can be hard to view for some readers. Poorly light advertisements often receive inferior positioning on car listing websites.

Bad Lighting

Good Lighting


There is nothing worse then trying to view a car advertisement and the images are out of focus. There are ways to avoid this problem. For smart devices, select the object on the screen and it will automatically focus the image for you.

If you have a DSLR or any handheld camera device, you will be able to set auto focus to your device. Settings > Focus > Auto > Select

Bad Focus

Good Focus


Your primary image is the selling point of the vehicle. For your primary photo the best practice for advertisement optimisation is to photograph the image on a 3/4 angle. The image should be in the centre of the screen with about 2 centimetre head spacing.

Your supporting images should maintain the same practice. Images should fit the screen with anything obstructing the view.

Bad Angle

Good Angle


The distance of your photo is so important for getting the best positioning on car listing websites. The image MUST fit the screen evenly. Your image should show all areas of the car at the highest quality possible.

If you photo is too large or too small your ad position will be heavily decreased.

Too far away

Perfect distance


Pricing is an important factor when purchasing anything, when selling your car that is no different; Pricing can make or break your ad. You will need to ensure everything is priced correctly and consistently.

Car listing websites will preference advertisements that they know will entice click through rates. When you post your ad, we recommend that you research what similar or exact vehicles are selling for. If you price too high or too low, online website algorithms will identify that there is something out of the ordinary and often decreases the positioning of the add because they think it could be spam.

If you are not set on the selling price the best option would be to add "price negotiable" However, when using a negotiable price on your advertisement, you will need to ensure all other areas of your advertisement are perfect.


Just as important as the advertisement is your engagement with the leads generated through the platform. 78% of buyers purchase from the first responder. Car listing websites will favour dealer listings that they know will engage with their audience.

To increase your ad presence online you will need to respond to your leads in a timely and friendly manner. Car listing websites work hard to acquire leads for their users and dealers who do not respond to generated leads reflects portly on their brand.

Websites will still list dealers who do not respond in a timely fashion to generated leads; however, they will decrease the position of the advertisement and will often be hard to locate.

Now you have all the components needed to make a great advertisement!

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