How to get more leads for your dealership post Covid restrictions

29 May 2020 Car Dealers

Get more leads fr your dealership

Australia’s low rate of Covid infections has allowed states to relax restrictions. Businesses are reopening. People are returning to work. Life is slowly going back to normal. But almost everyone has abandoned plans for an overseas or cruise holiday. If people plan vacations closer to home, they’ll probably drive instead of taking a flight.

Now that’s an opportunity to sell.

Here’s how you can get more leads for your dealership now and in the future...

Use Facebook Marketplace to your benefit

There is literally no other advertiser with the same volume of leads as Facebook Marketplace. Some dealers receive hundreds of leads every month. But the BIGGEST BENEFIT of Marketplace is that you connect directly with a lead through Facebook Messenger, the minute an enquiry comes through. You get to contact a lead before your competition and can qualify them as a good or bad lead so much faster. Plus, you don’t wait for leads to be emailed to you like with other advertisers. But VERY FEW DMS PROVIDERS offer this live messaging service with Marketplace. Does yours? Find an alternative if not.

Create powerful vehicle videos to grow sales

Create vehicles videos

Video is ten times more powerful than any other tool and it will be the new way to sell cars as social distancing remains a reality. A good video tool is easy to use so you can create professional, personalised videos in minutes. Buyers get a comprehensive look at your vehicles within minutes of a lead enquiry. This can help speed up the decision to buy. In today’s market, video is the best way to connect with more leads and grow sales.

List your vehicles on Shop for Cars

Shop for Cars

Shop for Cars is the newest online advertiser designed for dealers only. It is a good way to connect with buyers without having to share the space with private sellers. The website is being promoted on multiple platforms including Google, Facebook and Instagram to connect with more and more buyers looking for vehicles online. Aggressive online promotions targeted towards car buyers is a good reason to list your vehicles on Shop for Cars.

NOTE – Shop for Cars is available free to dealers using the EasyCars DMS. Other dealers can call (02) 9623 6403 to check their options.

Make sure your website has these lead generating features

Car instant repayment amount

There has never been a better time to focus on your website because it is far more important than your physical car yard is today. Your website MUST HAVE important features to bring in leads –

  • Syncs directly with your DMS so stock is updated instantly to reduce buyer frustration
  • Car history reports made free to customers in exchange for lead information
  • Instant finance repayments and car valuations to add more value to your website browsers
  • Ability to create and share videos linked to specific vehicle stock

If your current website doesn’t give you ALL these features, find another option.

Get on to a web-based DMS for added flexibility

Dealer management system

Covid has forced almost everyone to work from home, which has made it hard for businesses on desktop or cloud systems restricted to specific devices. The advantage of a web-based DMS is you only need a web browser on any computer or laptop device. A working Internet connection is literally enough to run your business with no investment needed in expensive IT infrastructure and no costly upgrades to software. So, whether you have to work from home or dealership, you get the big picture of your business in one web-based dashboard.

The old way of selling cars is dead. Dealers must adapt to stay competitive. EasyCars is the most advanced web-based DMS with the latest tools and technology to help you get the most value for your dealership through tailored dealership websites, access to over 17 online advertisers (including Marketplace with live messaging and Shop for Cars), video tools and so much more.

For more information contact us on (02) 9623 6403.