How to Grow your Dealerships Online Reviews

10 Aug 2021 Helpful Tips

Growing and managing online reviews is a time-consuming task. Years ago, reputation and word of mouth was the main way dealers grew their leads and sales. Since the rise of the internet, online reviews is now essential for all motor dealers.

Statistics show that 81% of car buyers base their buying decision on your online reviews. With that being said, if your dealership has countless negative reviews or no online reviews you could be risking thousands in sales each year.

More often than not dealers fall into the trap of avoiding online reviews without knowing the overall impact they have on the longevity of your dealership. Here’s how to grow your dealerships online reviews in 2021.

1. Create your listing profile on multiple platforms

Many dealers think the only way your dealership to get reviews is through Google. But in reality, there are many online review platforms that give your dealership great exposure.

The first way you can increase your online reviews is to create a business listing profile on as many listers as possible. Popular online review listers include Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing. The internet is such a broad platform, the search engine that one customer uses may differ to the next, so it is so important that you create your business listing profile on several platforms to give yourself maximum exposure.

2. Make it easy for customers

The main reason why dealerships don’t get online reviews is because the process is complicated. At the end of the day if the reviews process is hard customers won’t do it, simple! One popular method that many businesses in different industries have been using for online reviews is sending an automated text messages that include a link for the customer to leave a review. This makes such a complicated process for easy for customers.

Studies show that SMS open rates in Australia is 94%. This is so beneficial as it almost assures your customer will read and likely provide your dealership a review.

To learn how to create a link for your customers to leave an online review click here.

3. Timing is so important

When it comes to customers leaving an online review timing is key. If you leave it too late the customer will often forget and move on. This doesn’t impact them as they get no benefit from leaving a review, but the statistics show the importance it has on the success of your dealership.

The best time to ask your customers to leave a review is as soon as they have purchased the car from you. This is so important as your dealership will be in the forefront of their minds. You can encourage customers to talk about deals you have given, the sales process, and the customer service experience.

4. Follow up with customers

Since the digital transformation some dealerships don’t regard customer service as highly as sales. Sometimes you will get customers who don’t want to leave a review at the time of purchase and that’s okay.

One way that your dealership can further encourage customers to leave a review is by following up with them in one, three or six months’ time to see how the car has been performing. Doing this shows the customer that you care about their purchase. Something as little as a quick five-minute call to see how they are tracking can be all it takes to get a customer write a comment online.

Trust me it might seem pointless but even if they don’t leave a review word of mouth is still priceless for dealerships.

5. Automate your customer reviews

We get it, as a motor dealer you wear a thousand different hats and on the priority gage online reviews will not be one of the first things you want to concentrate on. For busy motor dealers the best way to grow your dealership reviews is through automation.

EasyCars DMS offers dealers with an automated reviews system that instantly sends customers review links at the time of purchase and responds to customer reviews on your behalf – Giving you more time to focus on other more important parts of your dealership.

Final word,

At the end of the day, if your dealership doesn't grow your online reviews, you could lose thousands in sales every year. For busy dealers, there are tools available to you to make the process simplistic for your customers.

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