How to make your caravan dealership more profitable post Covid

18 Aug 2020 Caravan Dealers

On holidays in a caravan

Low Covid numbers have allowed most Australian states to ease restrictions and reopen businesses – putting thousands back to work. As life goes back to normal, people will plan holidays. But they’re not going overseas or on a cruise, which means they’ll be in the market to buy caravans. NOW IS THE TIME to focus on making your caravan dealership more profitable. If you’re not doing this, you are wasting money you could be pocketing.

Automate and perform tasks from anywhere with a web-based dealer management system

Do you create sales contracts and invoices yourself? Still maintain business data on an excel spreadsheet? That takes up at least 30 percent of your time – time that you can use to get more leads and sell more caravans. Manual processes will kill your dealership so NOW is the time to act.

A web-based dealer management system only requires a web browser and an Internet connection on any computer or laptop from your home, your dealership – wherever. Accounting, advertising, website, stock management and other business tasks are automated, which means less time and money spent on business tasks and more time for the sale itself. Since there are no expensive upgrades, no IT infrastructure investments and nothing to install, you'll pocket more profits.

Create powerful caravan videos to connect with leads effectively

Video is the most powerful way to connect with any of your leads online. Imagine, a lead enquiry comes to you from an ad. You create a professional, personalised video within minutes of that enquiry. In an instant, the buyer has everything they need to know about your caravan and can make up their minds.

Before they even visit your dealership, you have managed to complete three-fourth of the sale. So simple! As social distancing remains in place until a vaccine is found, VIDEO IS THE BEST WAY to show and sell caravans to buyers. More sales = more profits!

Simplify and reduce accounting costs by syncing to your dealer management system

Dealers who follow manual processes are forced to enter data multiple times with all kinds of overlap and mistakes. Imagine a dealer management system that synced to the best accounting packages available today, Xero and MYOB. You’d only enter data once and it automatically populates to these accounting programs – taking care of your GST calculations, Floorplan, BAS reports, consignments, and notional input credits accurately.

Since most accountants already use Xero and MYOB, they’d be able to remotely access your data, which means your accountant’s ‘fee time’ is reduced considerably.

Focus on finance as another source of revenue

Finance is a great alternative source of revenue. You don’t have to actually do anything for it if you have the right DMS. For example, some DMS providers work with licensed finance brokers who can provide your customers with access to multiple lenders almost instantly. The quicker your buyers engage with lenders, the faster they get approved – making it quicker and easier for you to sell the caravan. And a referral from you means you’ll earn commission on the finance deal. Another great way to make more money.

Put simply,

The old way to sell a caravan is dead. Every caravan dealer must adapt. EasyCars is the most advanced web-based DMS that automates all your operations, provides you with video tools, has a partnership with Drive On Finance and integrates seamlessly to Xero and MYOB – giving you a complete dealership solution in one central location. For an easy solution for your caravan dealership chat to our team on 02 9623 6403.

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