How To Return An Unsold Vehicle In EasyCars

31 Jan 2020 Helpful Tips


In some instances, you may need to remove a vehicle from your stock list without selling to a customer. This could be because the vehicle was accidentally placed in your stock list or it needs to be returned to the supplier for some reason. To return an unsold vehicle in EasyCars –

  1. Find the vehicle via your ‘Stock Management’ screen.
  2. Click on the vehicle to open it.
  3. Click the ‘Purchase’ tab on the top of the vehicle detail screen.
  4. Find the orange ‘Return Stock’ button on the right-hand side and click it. If you don’t see this button, then –


    • The vehicle may be sold already – If so, cancel the sale first, by clicking the ‘Cancel Sale’ button from the vehicle’s ‘Sale’ tab.
    • The vehicle sale may have already been posted to your accounting program – If so, un-post the purchase first, by clicking the ‘Unpost Purchase’ button from the ‘Purchase’ tab.
    • The vehicle may be a trade-in – If so, you must cancel the vehicle sale which it was traded in on to remove the trade-in.
    • The vehicle is ‘On Order’ status (hasn’t been acquired yet) – If so, you have the option to click a ‘Cancel Order’ button. You will also see an ‘Acquire Vehicle’ button to bring the vehicle into stock, after which the ‘Return Stock’ button will also appear.