How to solve 4 of the biggest car dealer frustrations

11 Nov 2019 Car Dealers

Solving car dealers frustrations

Insights from hundreds and hundreds of car dealers reveal some of the biggest frustrations’ they face. Find out what they are and how to solve them…

1) Cost of a lead is too high…

For this reason, every lead must count.

The fact is nearly 90% of buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So how do you get great reviews for your dealership?

EasyCars has a reviews module where customers post positive reviews to Google or Facebook and negative experiences are emailed to manage offline.

Positive reviews help you close more leads. This reduces the cost of a lead per sale dramatically.

Online reviews for your dealership

2) Finding alternate income streams...

Falling profits and increased competition mean dealers need other ways to make serious money.

The EasyCars finance module provides an additional income stream for dealers.

It connects you to an online broker with access to 28 lenders. The average approval turnaround time is 48 hours. This means you can sell cars faster and make money from finance too.

Just five finance deals a month earns you an extra $60,000 annually.

Car dealer quick, easy, finance deals

3) Improving website enquiries...

If you want more leads to enquire through your website, you must give them reasons to do so.

Calls to actions like Car History reports, car valuations and finance are proven lead generators for many of our dealers.

EasyCars can create dealership websites, designed to improve the number of enquiries you receive.

The more enquiries you get, the better chance you have of making the sale.

Car dealer website

4) Contacting leads before competition...

Data shows 78% of buyers purchase from the first seller to respond. This shows how important it is to contact leads before your competition...

EasyCars has a direct messaging tool for Facebook Marketplace, a top advertiser for dealers today.

You’ll be able to send messages to leads instantly. No more waiting hours for the lead information in an email.

Contact a lead first on Facebook and your chance of making the sale increases significantly.

Facebook Marketplace for car dealers


If you’re having trouble making money in a challenging market, these valuable solutions can help.

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