How to use social media to grow your dealership

23 Jul 2021

It’s fair to say we live in an online world now. There’s not a single day that goes by where we don’t use social media. To put things into perspective over 18 million Australians use social media in 2021. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or others that number shows no signs of slowing down. With that being said social media is now essential for Australian motor dealers!

Years ago, your dealerships reputation and word of mouth was the main way you got car buyers through the door. Now there is social media, which if used strategically can grow your sales and bottom line quickly and more importantly cheaply!

EasyCars has put together a quick guide to get you gup to speed with all the essential pages your dealerships needs and different strategies that can be used to grow your following and sales numbers. Let’s get started!

Set up a Facebook and Instagram business page

When it comes to social media there are two absolute must haves, Facebook and Instagram! Facebook and Instagram are the two most used social media platforms in Australia and using them correctly could put your dealership at the forefront of thousands of Australian Car buyers.

The first thing your dealership will need to do is set a business page on both Facebook and Instagram.

Setting a business page opposed to a regular account gives you beneficial business insights such as page reports, customer engagement statistics, bounce rates as well as advertising options.

Some of the benefits of Facebook and Instagram for Australian dealers include:

  • Connect with customers in real time
  • Increases your dealerships customer reach
  • Advertising options to reach more buyers
  • Links to Facebook Marketplace
  • Free to create
  • Ability to integrate data between Facebook and Instagram

Personalise your pages

Many dealerships often fall into the trap of not personalising the content on their pages. Some dealers use stock images or fail to include vital information such as “About Us” and your dealerships operating hours.

Leaving out or posting stock images from the internet looks sceptical. This gives the impression that the page is not a professional and can mislead car buyers.

The essentials for your Facebook and Instagram business pages include:

  • Dealership Logo
  • Landscape image of your dealership for your cover photo
  • A bio of your dealership
  • Dealership operating hours
  • Address and contact information
  • Messenger feature

Once the essentials are set up, its important to start posting content!

To begin with you can start to post about some of the vehicles you have in stock, customer reviews and testimonials, any finance or promotion deals you may be running and everything in-between. The key to social media is posting engaging content that stands out to the eye.

Grow your dealerships following

There’s no point having a social media account if you don’t anyone to engage with. As such, you will need to gain some followers. There are multiple ways to gain followers on social media and one of the most common beliefs is you need to pay for followers, however there are a few different ways you can grow your follower base without spending big on advertising.

Everybody loves a bargain! A great way to grow your dealership is by running a promotion. Have a great financing offer? Lowered the price of a car? Got new used car stock in? Create a post and let people know. When one person sees the post there is a high chance, they will tell their friend. No spend on advertising! Just post and offer something different to your competitors.

Consistent posting

A trap many dealerships fall into is creating social media pages and letting it sit there and collect dust. Social media is a persistence game, you won’t just create a page and suddenly have 10,000 followers and a 10% increase in sales. It’s needs to be built. Dealers who are consistent with their social media will see rapid growth as opposed to those who don’t.

Social media platforms preference business pages who are active and engage with their users. For example, if your dealership posts frequently content and quickly responds to message request you will often be displayed higher on your follower’s timeline. This is so beneficial as it puts your positioning at the forefront of your followers growing your chances of gaining a lead and or sale.

Encourage customers to “check in”

One of the best strategies that can go along way to growing your dealership on social media is by encouraging leads and customers to check into your dealership when they attend. The benefit to this is when someone checks into your dealership all their friends and followers will see this. This builds your dealerships brand awareness and opens the door to future customers.

This is rarely done by dealerships on Facebook, but it is a free tool that can be used to easily grow your dealership and more importantly stand out from the competition.

Ask your customers to leave a review

Research shows that 81% of car buyers base their buying decision on your online reviews, highlighting the power that online reviews has on car dealerships. A common misbelief is that Google is the only way customers can leave your dealership a review. However, Facebook also gives customers the ability to leave reviews.

After you have sold a car, all you need to do is ask your customers if they can rate the experience on your Facebook page before they leave. This way it gives potential customers the ability to see what you have provided to other car buyers in the past. Leads who come across your page and see you have countless positive reviews would be far more enticed to buy from your dealership then those who don’t.

Thank you for reading we hope you enjoyed the post!

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