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06 Aug 2020 Helpful Tips

Facebook Marketplace

Join us for a live webinar on Friday, 14th August at 11am AEST to learn how you can convert more sales for your business.

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Your biggest priority is to sell cars and make money. Facebook Marketplace has been a standout during Covid – clocking hundreds of leads for some dealers these last few months.

We’ve invited Ted Bergeron, Facebook’s Head of Automotive for AU and NZ to share their best practices to help dealers optimise listings and manage leads more effectively. 

So, what’s in it for you?

  • Find out how to optimise your ad listings for the best results
  • Identify how to filter and manage the high volume of leads from Marketplace
  • Learn how to use Messenger effectively to better qualify leads and sell more cars

And more…

EasyCars Facebook Marketplace Speakers

Facebook rarely extends such a valuable opportunity, but Ted’s in-depth knowledge could open new doors for your dealership. This free webinar lasts just 45 minutes, so you have nothing to lose!

Simple changes could make a huge difference.