Lead Management Module

26 Apr 2019 EasyCars Modules

The Lead Management module allows you to automatically receive—or manually create—new leads. These leads can come from sources like online ad websites, walk-in/phone/email customers, or Facebook. EasyCars allows you top manage these leads in one central location. You can –

  • Track and update a new lead status with an open/closed, cold/warm/hot classification system.
  • Assign leads to different salespeople and create follow-up tasks at specified dates and times.
  • Save client conversation history, send emails and track email history.
  • Generate quotes and print or email them to customers.
  • Generate documentation for finance companies to approve/pre-approve client loans

How To Get Started With Lead Management if you have EasyCars?

  1. Open the 'Account' menu from across your menu-bar
  2. Click the 'Subscription' page
  3. Click the 'Upgrade Modules' link
    • A list of modules available to your EasyCars will appear
    • Any activated modules will appear with a red 'Bin' icon next to it
  4. Any available modules will appear with a blue 'Plus' icon next to it
  5. To activate a module, click the blue 'Plus' icon next to the module you'd like to begin using
    • The price per month is also displayed next to each module
  6. The module is instantly activated and made available to you (you may need to sign out and back in again to see the new features)
  7. Activating the Lead Management module will result in a new menu added to your menu bar – ‘Leads’
  8. Your monthly subscription cost will be automatically altered and you're ready to get started
  9. You can remove a module at any time by performing the same steps but using the red 'Bin' icon next to a module you'd like to de-activate, and stop being charged for.

If you want more information or to get started with EasyCars, call us at 1300 473 744.