Massive Success with Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads in EasyCars!

26 Oct 2021 Car Dealers caravan dealers Success Stories

Since launching in August 2021, Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads have been a massive success for EasyCars Dealers!

In such as short space of time Facebook AIAs are already producing the best advertising results for dealers in EasyCars.

In just one month, EasyCars dealers have received:

  • Over 3000 leads across the board
  • 107 leads for the top performer
  • 75 leads per dealer on average
  • $3.19 average cost per lead

Compared to large advertisers where you could be paying upwards of $50 for leads that may not convert, dealers are already experiencing more targeted leads for as little as $3 per lead from Facebook.

What are Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads?

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are fully automated advertisements that are optimized for dealerships to serve ads to users who are in the market for a vehicle on Facebook.

Facebook AIAs use your vehicle listings, Facebook data, and website data to show ads to specific in-market shoppers within a radius of your dealership.

The right cars for the right people

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are personalised ads that don’t require the manual work of creating individual Facebook Ads or posts. The ads dynamically and automatically update as your stock updates, meaning your ads are always up to date with your current stock.

The smart way to advertise your cars

Thanks to Facebook’s intelligent targeting capabilities, these ads put your cars in front of people showing behavioural signals of being in-market for a car right now. This includes both potential buyers already considering your dealership and those who are not.

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Integration with EasyCars

EasyCars provides dealers with a seamless automated Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads experience. From advertisement creation to stock listings to reporting, everything is automated, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

The EasyCars Facebook AIA package includes:

    • Facebook Business Page Vehicle Listings
    • Facebook's Automotive Inventory Ads set up and management
    • Ad copy creation
    • Lead management
    • Automated Campaign Reporting
    • No lock in contracts

EasyCars is committed to creating simplified solutions that grow your dealership and reduce your overheads.

For more information on Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads contact us today on 1300 473 744 or submit the form below.

About EasyCars

EasyCars by Jeal is a web-based dealer management system that automates the buying and selling of cars in Australia. Using the latest technologies, EasyCars removes the common frustrations faced by Australian dealers – opening the doors for future growth and higher profitability.

EasyCars includes all your everyday needs including Stock Management, Automated Advertising, Government Compliance, Business Reporting, Integrated accounting, Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, Reviews management and so much more– everything you need to run a successful motor dealership.

With over 38 years’ experience creating custom solutions for motor dealers around Australia we understand your vision and know what it takes to operate a successful dealership.

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