Optimise Your Photos for the Best Quality Image

20 Jun 2018

Ensure your camera settings are set to Aspect 4:3

Great quality photos are one of the most important points when trying to list your vehicles on advertising sites.

There are few main points to ensure you get the best quality photo – Use either the EasyPhoto app on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone or a Samsung digital camera with the Android operating system & Wi – Fi connectivity.

Photograph vehicles in even light. Sunlight will create glare and shadows. A bright overcast day will give excellent results.

Photograph the vehicle from the front left & right on a ¾ angle. This way people can see what it really looks like.

Important: – Ensure your camera settings are set to Aspect 4:3 – > all sizes below are equivalent to 4:3

(800 x 600) – (1024 x 768) – (1984 x 1488) – (2592 x 1944) – (2048 x 1536) – (3264 x 2448) – (3648 x 2736) – (4608 x 3456)

Always take photo holding the device sideways or landscape NOT portrait

Taking a photograph on the highest quality camera isn’t always the best as most advertisers including carsales resize down to around 100k in size and 800 x 600 pixels, so the quality will be better if you start close to this.

Ensure images are in jpg, bmp, png or gif format. Generally, any graphics editing package should allow you to save your photos in these formats. If you are unable to re-size your photos don’t worry too much as EasyCars/EasyAd will resize before uploading the images however Aspect ratio is critical & must be set to 4:3 on your Camera or phone camera.

  • If you are using an iPhone the images should already be in the correct Aspect ratio
  • If you are using a Samsung Galaxy you may need to adjust this setting

If you are unsure how to check whether your camera/phone is using the correct settings jump onto Google and search for help.

Size – 800 x600

Aspect – 4:3