Our experience with EasyCars

29 Oct 2019 Success Stories

EasyCars Review -  Harrington Wholesale Cars

Thank you Trevor Walshe from Harrington Wholesale Cars for leaving us such a heart-warming review. So proud of our team!

"I was reluctant at first to even contemplate joining Easycars or any such car dealer service. But I did a bit of research and decided finally to ‘allow’ Tracey the time to explain what she had to offer, before I ‘reluctantly' declined her offer. She may remember that conversation because all my body language (despite on the phone) was about reluctance and disapproval. All I could see was the extra cost that she was telling me we would have to pay, essentially to do what we had always done manually and with relative ease.

How wrong could I have been!

The moment that initial conversation with Tracey was over, during which she explained and demonstrated what EasyCars could do for us, I was hooked. And, something that I could never have expected….from there it has only got better!

The follow-up, the gentle reminders, the advice, the online and regular tutorials (from Andrew) and all other contacts that I have had with your company have been nothing but incredibly helpful, very professional and conducted in a friendly, patient, happy manner. Your people care, and that is both rare in this world of ‘churn and burn’, but of huge value to us the end user that we made the right decision to join EasyCars.

Your system is easy to use, incredibly deep and wide in its coverage of all our varied needs and those of the regulators, and makes life so so much easier out here in the field selling cars. For these and many other reasons I would be more than happy to endorse EasyCars to anyone who may be interested to hear of other people’s experience with the product.

So, a big Thank You to all who help to make EasyCars what it is. It is a great product, but its service and back-up is every bit as good."

Sincerely yours,
Trevor Walshe