Penrith Car Sales: Unveiling a Remarkable Success Story

17 Aug 2018 Success Stories

Penrith Car Sales Success Story

In the beginning

A few years ago, Brett from Penrith car sales didn’t have a yard at all. Today, Brett has earned his bragging rights from his two very successful used car dealerships in Western Sydney. Brett came to us many years ago in need of a dealer management system that would give him the tools to expand his business and grow with his business. Brett knew the secret to a successful business is to focus on what he did well, buying and selling cars. EasyCars ensured his administration and Government compliance work didn’t take up much time. It was important to Brett that he never duplicated anything. Brett wanted to start his business off on the right foot by having no reliance on walk-in sales, purely online sales. Brett chose to add an automated EasyCars website that got updated as he bought and sold cars in EasyCars. That way he knew his online presence was always up to date without lifting a finger. He found that the most successful lead generator was the FREE Car History report offer. If customers ever walked into his yard without having looked at his website, he would advise them to go back and do their homework and get a Free Car History report on any vehicle they chose before they decide. That’s how strong he believed in the power of his website and the Car History feature.

The Outcome

Ever since Brett started using EasyCars DMS he was able to save time on administration and ultimately improve his dealership performance. His business has grown to become one of the most trusted and reputable car dealerships in Sydney. If you ask Brett how valuable his website is he will laugh … he says “my website is like having the biggest and best shop in Westfield’s shopping centre, I wouldn’t exist in the Motor Industry without my website”. The Free Car History report on his website works as a lead generation tool to increase traffic. On the day we spoke to Brett he had already received 3 hot leads from calls that originated from Google searches that ended up on his website. By 4pm that day one of these leads had already bought a car and another had done a car history search on another vehicle. Within 3 months of launching the new website, Brett saw major increases in performance, productivity and sales. The EasyCars team’s effort in creating a smart, integrated, customised responsive website for Brett and enhancing it with the Car History report feature, have clearly improved his business. You can visit Brett’s online dealership at For more information on how you can generate leads online contact our team on 1300 473 744.