PPSR and Car History reports in EasyCars 

05 Jul 2023 Car Dealers

PPSR & Car History Report

What is the benefit of purchasing PPSR reports through EasyCars? 

A PPSR report contains the following information –

  • Finance owed on the vehicle
  • Written-off records
  • Stolen checks
  • Part of the Takata airbag recall

If you purchase a PPSR report via EasyCars, it automatically picks up the content and updates to different fields within the vehicle’s PPSR tab. This includes –

  • Updating to either ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’ in the report result field. 
  • Auto update of Certificate Date, Certificate Number and Search Number fields. 
  • Auto saving the report within the vehicle’s PPSR tab for future reference.

It is mandatory for retail dealerships in NSW to enter this PPSR data in form 5 to fulfill their legal obligations. The EasyCars system automates this and accurately enters mandatory PPSR data in form 5, which can then be printed for a vehicle on sale. You will not have to do any manual data entry yourself. If you purchase the PPSR report externally, you’ll have to manually enter in all this data.

A PPSR report in EasyCars now costs 40% less at $3.60 +GST per report – down from $5.72 +GST.

PPSR and Car History Report purchase in EasyCars

What is the benefit of buying Car History reports through EasyCars? 

A car history report is much more comprehensive than a PPSR report and contains additional information like –

  • Odometer check
  • Written-off records
  • Stolen vehicle check
  • Vehicle valuation and registration details
  • VIN validation
  • Vehicle history
  • Previous sales
  • Finance owing
  • ANCAP safety and emission ratings
  • Part of the Takata airbag recall

This is extremely valuable information. You get complete peace of mind before buying any vehicle that you want to sell. It also gives you an additional opportunity to collect a lead.

Buyers today want to know the history of a vehicle they’re interested in. It costs $37 to purchase a report separately. Now, if you offered this same report COMPLETELY FREE, buyers get this crucial information without having to pay for it themselves. This is a great opportunity to make them feel more confident in your dealership – making it easier for you to close the sale.

A Car History report costs you just $9.25 + GST per report (one-time payment only per report) in your EasyCars. Buyers can make unlimited Car History requests for a vehicle, but you pay just once.    

Does a vehicle need to be in stock to purchase a PPSR/Car History report?

No, you don’t need to have a vehicle in stock to purchase a report. If you end up purchasing the vehicle, the report will automatically link to that vehicle in your EasyCars DMS.

How do I pay for the reports? 

Your account is with Equifax. And they will give you a single monthly invoice. This means you don’t have to enter your credit card details every single time you purchase a PPSR or car history report. It costs just $9.25 + GST per Car History report and $3.60 + GST per PPSR report if you activate this feature in your EasyCars. 

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