Website Videos: Future of the Automotive Industry

20 Jun 2018

Add Videos to Your Dealership Site

Without a doubt, technology is changing the way we connect with our consumers. Videos are a clever marketing tactic and an impressive way to communicate your business’ vision, advertise and engage with your customers on another level.

Why Should I have A Video?

A study of Australian social media users showed that those who utilise these platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Websites) regularly watch 51 minutes of video content daily. Around 83% of Australian customers engage with promotional videos, with a rewarding 57% converting to a sale.

Customers prefer a simple and straightforward process when purchasing a vehicle, and need to understand how you meet their needs. By providing a personal and guided tour of your business and cars before they reach your yard will help you stand out amongst the rest – be their first choice to head to your dealership!

What Should I Film?

There are endless opportunities to be creative with videos these days. Keep it short and simple!

Start with an introductory video about your dealership, showing your future customers why they should choose you and what makes you different from other dealerships. Why not attempt an interior video showcasing the perks of the vehicle and comfortable seating for the whole family or showcase those fancy cars with slow-motion and fantastic lighting will be sure to attract any purchasers eye.

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