What Tasks Can You Automate Using a Dealer Management System?

16 Nov 2021 Helpful Tips


If you still find yourself completing tasks such as Stock Management, Advertising, Government Compliance, or Reporting manually, you could be in some trouble.

With competition growing, dealers simply can’t afford to waste time on repetitive tasks. Luckily for Australian motor dealers, there are tools in place that can automate common daily tasks.

The number one tool for motor dealers in Australia is a DMS (dealer management system). A DMS provides Australian dealers with an all-in-one solution that streamlines the day-to-day tasks of managing of a motor dealership.

Here are some of the tasks that a DMS can automate:

Stock Management

Are you still manually recording stock? If you are, you would already know how painful it can be. To be successful in the automotive industry you need to have a centralised solution that automatically updates your stock take.

Using a DMS like EasyCars, dealers can completely automate the entire stock management process. Stock numbers automatically update as you buy and sell – no manual data entry tasks!


One of the biggest challenges for Australian Motor Dealers is Advertising. If your dealership is still sending vehicles to different advertisers manually – you are wasting valuable time that could have been used elsewhere.

A benefit of a dealer management system is they can automate your entire advertising and reporting process. In the click of a button, you can customise and auto schedule ads to all online advertisers – no manual data entry or re-keying data.

One of the biggest mistakes car dealers make is not reporting on their advertising spend. Recent statistics show the average dealer pays upwards of $600 per vehicle on advertising! EasyCars gives dealers the ability to generate custom reports that identifies what advertisers are providing a good return and what ones are not.

Government Compliance

One task that dealers cannot afford to take their eye of the ball is Government Compliance. The Government is out and about and are fining dealers for inaccurate Government Compliance forms. One dealership lost their license completely for errors with compliance.

A dealer management system can automate the entire Government Compliance process. Government forms are automatically updated when new releases are published and can be easily printed at the click of a button. A dealer management system minimises your risk of compliance issues and fines.

Website Listings

How long do you spend updating your website listings? Do you still get calls from customers asking about a car that has already sold? A common frustration for dealers is updating stock listings online.

We get it, many of us aren’t tech savvy and updating stock on your website can be a pain. EasyCars dealer management system integrates to your dealer website and updates online listings automatically as you buy and sell – you don’t need to do anything!

Business Reporting

How long do you spend creating management reports? Creating any report is a pain. One of the biggest benefits of a dealer management system is the system can automate different management reports.

vAs all information is centralised, dealers can generate customisable reports that cannot be replicated on general spreadsheet systems. In the click of a button dealers can generate a report on profit, loss, sales, staff KPIs, advertising ROI, Growth, Website performance, lead generation and so much more.

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Final Word

To be successful in the Automotive industry, dealers need to streamline their common manual tasks. A dealer management system like EasyCars Automates all common tasks involved with running a motor dealership in Australia – giving you more time to focus on sales.

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