Why an overwhelming number of accountants recommend Xero for motor dealers?

19 Jun 2020 Accounting

Dealership accounting Xero or MYOB

Ask any accountant in Australia which accounting package they’ll recommend for your dealership and the OVERWHELMING majority will say Xero or MYOB. As the new financial year is just around the corner, there has never been a better time to get smarter with your accounting.

The unmatched advantage of Xero for your dealership...

There is a reason why Xero has over 2 million customers worldwide and supports over 700,000 businesses in Australia alone. It has transformed the way businesses and accountants collaborate, plus it has made reporting, payroll and tax integration to your dealer management system completely seamless.

Get the full picture of your dealership on the go

Xero is completely on the cloud and lets you store transactions and files in one place. You can also get tailored reports to track your finances and categorise bank transactions the minute they flow into Xero. You make it a small daily task instead of a big ordeal every month. This gives you the full picture of your dealership’s cashflow whether you are at work, at home or on the road.

Pay your employees and stay compliant with ATO requirements

Xero has an easy payroll solution that allows you to pay employees, manage super and taxes, and file to the ATO with single-touch payroll compliance. Unfortunately, older accounting systems don’t have the advanced functionality to stay up to date with changing legislations. This will double your workload and result in non-compliance fines, which simply won’t happen with Xero or MYOB.

World-class cloud security

One of the most secure ways to store your dealership’s financial information is on the cloud. You don’t have to worry about your data getting stolen in case you lose your laptop or hard drive. If you use online banking, you are already using cloud security. You will not need to back up or upgrade any software as all this is taken care of by Xero at no extra cost to you.

EasyCars is the ONLY Xero-accredited DMS in Australia

No other DMS integrates so easily (and accurately) with Xero and MYOB as EasyCars. It is designed to be easy – you can learn how to use it within hours of getting started.

What makes EasyCars the best DMS for today’s dealerships?

  • Enter data just once in EasyCars and everything gets automatically populated to Xero or MYOB – no need for duplicate entries.
  • Both you and your accountant will spend less time on these tasks – ultimately reducing your costs.
  • All your accounting tasks are taken care of including invoices, receipts, purchase orders, revenue, expenses, liabilities, on-hand stock, GST calculations, bank reconciliation, BAS reports
  • Don’t overpay or underpay taxes with automated Notional input credit entitlement calculations

When you choose EasyCars, every aspect of your dealership including your advertising, compliance forms, reporting, stock, lead generation tools and more will work in sync with your accounting to give you a complete business solution in one central dashboard.

All this is done seamlessly in the background while you focus on increasing sales. It's time to put your dealership first and get smarter in the new financial year with EasyCars.

Don’t believe us? See what dealers have to say for yourself.

Car dealer Xero review
Car dealer Xero review
Car dealer Xero review

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