Why web-based technology is now vital for car dealerships. 

09 Sep 2020 Helpful Tips Car Dealers Latest Updates


The automotive industry is forever changing and so is technology. This year we have all experienced the importance of having accessible and reliable technology. The automotive industry is one of many industries that have been severely affected by Covid-19.

Dealers putting up with expensive legacy software solutions have finally got options.

Web based DMS solutions offer dealers complete automation of stock, advertising, reporting, legislation compliance and so much more’ all in one central location. A major advantage of web based DMS systems is the ability to fully integrate with industry leading accounting platforms Xero and MYOB. Not only can you take advantage of Industry focused Dealer Management Systems but you can use all the latest accounting functionality that Xero and MYOB offer. The best of both worlds really. Stop paying a fortune for custom accounting packages. 


The true cost of technology and its upkeep will always surprise. Web based solutions remove all hefty IT infrastructure costs, including the need for expensive IT staff. Without web-based solutions, you will need to keep computers and servers up to date with operating systems, CPU speed and storage. This is expensive. Web based software doesn’t require any of this.


Web-based solutions give dealers access to all their information from anywhere, on any device at any time. All you need is the internet. This has been imperative for dealers in the current COVID climate. 

Web based DMS systems are transforming the automotive industry, giving you a simplified way to manage your dealership. The world is changing, having complete control of your dealership from anywhere is essential. Web-based DMS solutions will have you in complete control in any situation.  

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