Why you must respond to all online reviews for your dealership?

18 Mar 2020 Car Dealers Caravan Dealers Truck Dealers

Online reviews

Online reviews are your dealership's word of mouth today. They are virtually non-negotiable. If your dealership is listed on Google, there's no way around them. So instead of ignoring online reviews, how about you turn them into a positive sales tool for your dealership? Here’s why you must respond to all online reviews for your dealership –

Google rewards responsive businesses with higher SEO rankings

A Google review provides an unbiased opinion about the customer experience at your dealership. It shows Google and other prospects how well you treat your customers. Your response to both positive and negative experiences shows how well you manage expectations. Google uses this information to determine your SEO ranking. The search engine backs this up by saying that high-quality reviews will improve your business visibility and increase the chance of a visit to your location. Put simply, this means higher SEO rankings.

Increases your incoming leads and conversions

There’s an undeniable link between online reviews, leads and sales. Today, 9 out of 10 people will trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. Responding to these reviews show prospects that your dealership cares about personal opinions – that you are not an indifferent business only interested in a sale. The more personally connected prospects feel to your dealership, the more chance you have of getting the lead and selling the car.

Improves your overall rating by turning negative reviews to positive reviews

Not every customer is going to be satisfied. But some issues can be resolved. Say a customer left a bad review about a faulty part in a vehicle they bought from you. Now, if you could fix this problem without a huge cost then you could respond and ask the customer to come back. Once you fix this problem, ask your customer to change their review. They will oblige when they’re happy with your response. A customer who feels like you’ve solved the problem will likely turn a 1-star rating into a 5-star one – thereby improving your overall Google rating.

If online reviews aren’t part of your dealership’s business plan, now is the time to change that. EasyCars has an online reviews management module that helps you manage positive and negative reviews. Find out how you can start improving your online ranking and increase your sales with EasyCars. Contact our friendly team on 1300 473 744 for more information.