Why you need to protect your dealership data from genuine threats...

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Secure Dealer Management System

Small businesses often assume that only large organisations are at risk of data leaks and cyber-attacks. But data breaches can threaten businesses of any size, including your dealership. Read on to learn a little more about dealership data security.

Know the risks to your dealership

Whether you’re on a desktop or cloud system, your data can be at risk from multiple sources.

  • Hardware corruption
  • Viruses
  • Malware attacks
  • Natural or manmade disasters
  • Outdated software
  • Physical thefts

Whether a data breach is intentional or accidental, the consequences can be catastrophic because it could result in expensive legal liabilities, customer loss, reputation damage and thousands of dollars in non-compliance fines. You also don’t want to risk losing customers, 85% of who are unlikely to return to a dealership with a data breach.

What does improved data security mean for you?

A cloud security provider like Microsoft Azure has substantial resources dedicated to protecting data and monitoring servers, which is why it is trusted by software companies around the world. With EasyCars web data hosted on Microsoft Azure, your data risks are significantly reduced –

  • A centrally managed framework stores data on a highly secure platform
  • Reduces long-run costs of retrieving lost data
  • Protects the integrity of confidential information
  • Decreases downtime resulting from data breaches

You won’t have to worry about your dealership data and can comfortably focus your attention on running your dealership with minimal interruptions.

Find out how safe your current DMS is

Your DMS is vital to running your dealership successfully so it’s important that you find out from your current provider how they secure your data. Don’t take a risk with data loss because it takes years to build your dealership’s reputation, but only seconds to ruin it.

To protect our dealers, our web-based EasyCars has made a significant investment in Microsoft Azure, the world’s most trusted and secure data centre. You don’t have to make any big investments because we’ve already done it for you, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your data is always secure.