5 Best Practices for Selling Used Cars in Australia

31 Jan 2023 Helpful Tips


Selling Used Cars in Australia is no easy task! 

Here are the 5 Best Practices for Selling Used Cars in Australia.

1. Source the right Vehicles

The key to selling Used Cars in Australia is sourcing the right vehicles. You need to source cars that customers know and want. Before you consider selling used cars it is important that you research the market and see what cars Australians are buying and at what price.

Once you understand what cars are popular, go out and find ways to source those vehicles at an affordable price. Remember, the cheaper that you can source the vehicle for, the better your margins will be. The trick to sourcing cheap, good quality cars is using alternative avenues. Try to avoid the more popular methods like vehicle auctions as you will need to compete with multiple buyers. The more people that you need to compete with, the more you will pay.

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2. Understand Your Target Market

The importance of this point cannot be overstated! To be successful selling used cars or selling anything for that matter, you need to understand your target market.

Before you start selling products and, in this case, used cars, you need to understand who you are targeting, what they are spending and how they are buying. Understanding your target market will put you in a strong position to implement different strategies that will leverage customer acquisition.

3. Select the Right Price Point

Pricing will often make or break a vehicle sale. The only way that you are going to be able to convince a customer to buy from you instead of from the competition is to have the best price point in the market.

Before you set a price for your vehicles, it is important that you research what the current industry standard price point is for that particular vehicle is and more importantly what your competitors are charging. Once you understand both, implement a feasible pricing strategy that both interests’ buyers and generates a strong profit margin for your dealership. The better your dealership’s pricing strategy is, the more successful you will be.

4. Adapt to the Customer

No two customers are the same, what works for one buyer may not work for another. As such, your dealership always needs to adapt your proposal for each individual buyers needs and requirements.

To be successful selling used cars in Australia you will need to build a relationship with buyers. Find out what they want, what they are looking to spend, any limitations they may have etc. The more information you can gain from a prospect, the more you can tailor a specific proposal which meets their needs. If you can give a buyer a proposal that matches what they are after, it will be very hard for them to say no!

5. Seek Customer Feedback

The only way that your dealership will achieve ongoing success is by adapting your offering and the way that you do things. But how do you do that? A key principle of selling used cars is seeking customer feedback.

After a customer has bought a car from your dealership, ask them to leave a review of the experience online. The benefit of seeking customer feedback is you will instantly know what you are doing well and what areas you may need to improve. For the areas that need improvement, you can adapt your offering to better suit the buyer’s needs.

Final Word,

Mastering the art of used car selling is not easy. You need to understand the customer, offer the right vehicles, and continuously adapt your offer to meet current market conditions. The 5 practices mentioned above are essential for selling used cars in Australia.

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