5 Common Car Photography Mistakes

08 Nov 2022 Helpful Tips


When it comes to selling cars, the importance of car photography cannot be understated. The way that you capture vehicles will often determine whether some buys your vehicle or not.

With that being said, many people make simple photography mistakes when capturing a vehicle that can be easily avoided.

Here are 5 Common Car Photography Mistakes and How you can avoid them.

1. Incorrect Vehicle Placement

The first and most common mistake that so many people make when it comes to photographing a vehicle is incorrect vehicle placement. Many car photos online are captured in a way where the vehicle is placed either too close or too far away from the camera, both cases impact the quality of the image.

The main aim of your vehicle photo is to convince someone to buy the vehicle. In saying that, you need to capture the vehicle in the best possible way and to the highest quality. It has been found the best placement for a vehicle is 2.5 meters away from the camera on a slight angle. Ideally your vehicle image should have a centimeter spacing at both the top, bottom, and the sides of your camera display.

2. Vehicle Is Not Focused

This is arguably the biggest mistake you can make! If you want to sell your vehicles online, your pictures MUST be focused. So many online vehicle images are captured out of focus. The problem with this is, how can someone see the quality of the vehicle?

It is so important that your vehicles are focused in each individual picture you take. Focusing an image is very easy no matter what device you use. If you are using a smart device, all you need to do is select the vehicle on your screen to focus. If you are using a DSLR camera, you can either set the camera to auto focus or you can adjust the focus manually via the lens.

3. Poor Vehicle Lighting

To capture the best quality vehicle image, you need to have the correct lighting set up. So many vehicle images use the wrong lighting which often results in lower quality images.

It has been found the best time to capture a vehicle is in the mid-morning to midafternoon. This way you avoid most of the harsh light and shadows that come in the middle of the day. It is always best practice to avoid capturing vehicles at night unless you implement the appropriate industrial lighting equipment.

4. Distracting Background

Believe it or not, the background that you use when capturing a vehicle can play a huge role in determining if an online customer clicks on your advertisement or not. Many people make the mistake of having a distracting or incorrect background such as including other vehicles.

Remember, your vehicle photo should bring focus to the vehicle itself, you never want someone looking beyond the vehicle. It is always best practice to remove any surroundings from behind or besides your vehicle when photographing. For dealerships, it is always a good idea to capture your vehicles in front of your dealership itself, this way you may be able to include your branding which could help increase awareness online and you avoid having a distracting or unrelated background.

5. Wrong Angles

Another common mistake when it comes to vehicle photography is the wrong choice of angles. The angles that you use to capture your vehicle needs to be consistent and compliment the vehicle and its features.

For the leading shot, it is always good to capture the vehicle on a slight angle as it brings out the vehicle in its entirety. When it comes to capturing the interiors of your vehicle, you need to ensure your angles capture all the vehicle’s features in its entirety. There is never an over amount of photos. The more photos you take the better! You need to show customers every beneficial feature of the vehicle.

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Final Word,

The way that you capture your vehicle will play a huge role in determining if you find a buyer or not. To capture the best vehicle photo, you need to ensure you stick to the basic photography fundamentals like appropriate placing, lighting, angles and that the vehicle is focused.

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