5 Common Vehicle Advertising Mistakes Motor Dealers Make in 2022

08 Jun 2022 Helpful Tips


Vehicle Advertising is a critical and essential task for all motor dealerships. The way your dealership advertises vehicles online will ultimately determine your success. To be successful advertising vehicles online, dealers need to give car buyers as much information as possible to assist them with their decision.

With that being said, many dealerships make costly advertising mistakes that often leads to buyers choosing other providers.

Here are 5 Common Vehicle Advertising Mistakes Motor Dealers Make in 2022 and how your dealership can avoid them.

1. No Vehicle Images

This is the worst mistake you can make! There is no point advertising vehicles if you don’t include vehicle images. Customers want to know what a car looks like before they enquire. Simply having just, the vehicle name, make and year is not enough to interest car buyers in 2022.

To put it simply, if your dealership wants to see results from online advertising, you MUST include as many high-quality images as possible. You need to show potential car buyers the vehicles condition, car buyers need to imagine themselves driving in it before they proceed any further. By not including images of your vehicles, you run the risk of having potential car buyers scroll past your listing without clicking on it. The more high-quality images you include in your advertisements the more likely you are to receive leads.

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2. Poor Description

The second worst vehicle advertising mistake you can make is having no or a poor vehicle description. The ultimate goal of vehicle advertising is to do all the heavy lifting. Once an interested buyer clicks on your advertisement, they should have all the information they need to help them determine whether the car is right for them.

To maximise your online advertising results, you need to include as much information in your vehicle description as possible. List all the features of the vehicle, any unique selling points it may have and talk about the benefits. With 60% of the car buying process completed online, the more information you include on your advertisements, the more likely you are to receive a lead.

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3. Incorrect Vehicle Spelling

This is a big one! If your dealership makes a spelling mistake on your advertisement, your vehicle won’t be allocated to the specific vehicle category on online advertising websites. What often happens to listings with incorrect spelling is they get reverted to a back page which makes it difficult and almost impossible to find. To even get your vehicle advertisements seen online you need to make sure your vehicles are spelt correctly.

4. No Address or Contact Information

You may be surprised to hear this, but many dealer vehicle advertisements fail to include key information like the dealership address and best contact information.

To see good results from online advertising you need to include your dealerships name, address, and best contact methods on each vehicle listing. You cannot rely on the advertiser to display your name because some don’t. Best practice is to add your dealership information below your vehicle description.

5. Incorrect Pricing

This often makes or breaks a vehicle listing. If your pricing is not allocated, too high or even too low, you could greatly affect your advertisements searchability.

Online vehicle websites have set algorithms that match similar vehicles by make and price. In saying that you need to be sure you have allocated the right industry standard price to make sure your vehicle is placed into the correct section that buyers can filter and search for. Before you list your vehicles online it is important that you research competitor vehicle listings.

Final Word,

The way your dealership advertises online will determine if you are successful or not. To get online car buyers to convert into genuine leads you need to present your vehicle advertisements in the best possible way. The 5 mistakes mentioned are common and can be avoided with the solutions presented.

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