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EasyCars Dealers Finance made easy

For the last year, finance has been the hottest topic in the motor industry. With the Royal Commission now banning flex commissions, profits have fallen and brokers have moved to alternate careers.  

But while some see gloom and doom, we see a huge opportunity for EasyCars dealers to make even more money than before. How can you benefit without getting too involved?  

When profit margins decrease, volumes must increase. To enable this, EasyCars and Drive On Finance have introduced an automated process that runs from your EasyCars to the finance company and back again.   

Drive-On Finance is a leader in automation in the Finance industry. They have access to 29 lenders, but more importantly, they have direct API access to many of them. This means any information you enter into EasyCars never has to be duplicated to the finance company again.  

The process is so simple –

  1. Click ‘Submit’ to Drive On when doing a quote in EasyCars
  2. Drive On will contact the buyer in 10 minutes or less
  3. Drive On will handle the entire finance process from that point
  4. Track finance progress in real time through EasyCars

You won’t have to lift a finger or pay a cent more because the new feature is entirely financed by Drive On. And the best part – Drive On is offering you 50% of the finance profit.

If you want to set up your account, call Drive On today at 1300 031 264. If you’d like to be more hands-on with your finance solutions, Drive On has a few options for you too.

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