How Motor Dealerships Can Improve Reporting

09 Nov 2021 Helpful Tips

To be successful in the Australian motor industry dealerships must have a centralised reporting solution that quickly tells you what you’re doing well and what areas need improvement. As costs continue to grow, the days of relying on gut feeling is over. If dealerships don’t have easily accessible reports to base business decisions on, you could risk insolvency.

Recent data released found 60% of Australian car dealerships will fail after four years due to poor management. With so many different areas of your dealership to report on, the only way you can report on each area successfully is by using a dealer management system.

The benefit of using a dealer management system like EasyCars for reporting, is it automates custom reports specifically designed for the Australian motor industry.

Here’s how EasyCars dealer management system can improve your reporting:

Centralises your dealerships reporting:

How much time do you spend creating reports for your dealership? Are you still creating your dealership reports manually? If you are, you know how fragile and time consuming the process is. Making one little mistake can cause massive issues which could take hours to fix.

We get it! As a dealer you don’t have the time to create reports manually. Your Dealership reporting needs to be fast and simple! The benefit of using a Dealer Management System for your reporting is you can automate your entire reporting process. Business reports are pre-populated as you buy and sell – You don’t need to do anything other than click export.

In the click of a button, you can export reports on different areas of your dealership including Sales, Leads, Advertising Costs, Profit, Loss and Growth.

Customisable Reporting:

No two dealerships are the same, what works for one dealership may not work for another. It’s pointless using a system that gives you standard reports. Your dealership reporting needs to be catered for your unique needs.

EasyCars provides dealerships with a customisable reporting feature – that is catered for any motor dealership no matter the size. The EasyCars reporting feature can give you access to reports that cannot be produced on other standard reporting systems.

As all information is centralised, you can generate reports that are not possible in other systems such as leads generated from a particular advertiser, revenue generated by a particular sales staff, customer contacts and much more.

Identifies areas of improvement:

The biggest problem with using a template reporting system is you don’t get a clear understanding of what’s working well for your dealership and what is not. This often leads to mistakes going unresolved for far longer than they should.

Using a dealer management system - you can generate specific or overall reports as frequently as you choose. The quicker you can identify areas of improvement the quicker you can act on them and minimise damage to your dealership.

Integrates with popular Accounting systems:

A common frustration for many dealership owners is having to locate vital dealership information such as invoices, overheads and payments for your accountant to complete certain reports.

EasyCars dealer management system integrates to popular accounting packages Xero and MYOB – further streamlining the reporting process. The benefit of integrated accounting is all financial information is instantly synced two ways from one program to the other without the need of human input.

Final Word,

For your dealership to be successful in 2021 you need to have strong, accurate and accessible reporting. You need to be able to quickly generate different reports based on your businesses data and make calculated strategic decisions that leverages future growth.

EasyCars dealer management system simplifies dealership reporting - giving you more time to focus on sales.

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